Chilled pre-wedding shoot at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I meet a lot of couples in my line of work. Each couple is different, unique in their own way. It's one of the things I like to try and capture in my photography when I'm working on engagement pre-shoots and weddings. I feel especially lucky when I get to hang out with a relaxed and fun couple for an afternoon during their wedding pre-shoot: messing about, chatting, and taking lots of photos in the process.

I got to meet up with Laura and Richard recently, and they were most certainly one of those relaxed and fun couples. What a pleasure it was to witness just how happy and comfortable they are together. It was plain to see how well-suited they are, and just how much in love they are too, as we strolled around Birmingham Botanical Gardens during their wedding pre-shoot.

The Botanical Gardens are an amazing location, and we had lovely weather for practising in front of the camera. I'll be seeing Laura and Richard back there again soon for their reception, as their wedding day is just around the corner.


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