Five toddlers and a photographer

You could be forgiven for thinking that 'Five Toddlers and a Photographer' was the title of an 80s family comedy, but it's actually the name of a folder in which I keep the photos from one of my latest portrait shoots. I recently met up with Xander, Eddie, Jess, Keira and Eva to photograph a small joint-first birthday party, and also a trip to the local park.

As any mother knows, toddlers have minds of their own, so getting five to work as a team was certainly a task that often culminated with a certain amount of hilarity. As I mentioned to one of the mothers during the shoot "herding cats springs to mind", and it definitely caused a chuckle or two from everyone.

The first part of our day involved the toddlers enjoying some time to play together, before we took some individual portrait shots, and then moved on to presenting each child with their very own impressively home-made cakes! With my sweet tooth it took all my willpower not to dive in to one myself, but my restraint was rewarded as Helen, Eva's mother, had very kindly kept me a slice to enjoy whilst the toddlers were being cleaned up from rolling around in their own cakes.

I don't know about everyone else, but personally, rolling around in cake is definitely one of my life goals.

Then it was off for a trip to the park, to enjoy the early spring and have some fun in the play area. This was my favourite part of the shoot. I've found that as much as you can try and manufacture moments to capture, nothing beats the genuine fun and laughter of something as simple as being pushed on the swings. Each and every toddler was giggling away, which was a wonderful thing to photograph.

Here is a small selection of photos of the fun from our day.


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