Winter pre-wedding shoot at Kingsbury Water Park

I thought I'd share another recent shoot; this being my last shoot of 2015. I spent it with Gemma and Andy, as this was their engagement shoot, prior to their wedding day next April. We originally planned to have an autumnal setting, but busy schedules meant that we had a pleasantly mild winter shoot instead, just a few days before Christmas.

The weather had been changeable for days, mainly rain and overcast skies. I think the three of us were probably all slightly nervous to see whether the clear and sunny day that was forecast would actually materialise. Luckily it did, and we were granted a lovely winter afternoon, full of hazy sunshine, which just added to the magic of the photos.

During the session Gemma and Andy explained to me how they'd already been together for nearly sixteen years, and that they had originally hoped to get married earlier in the relationship. As it is for many of us, life can be full of unexpected surprises, with things cropping up along the way, which meant they had to wait longer than planned. One of my favourite photos from the shoot sums this up nicely: during our stroll I spotted a "SLOW" painted in the middle of a road and so we stopped right on top of it for some pictures. I love the metaphor in this image, that whilst it may have been a slower road to the wedding aisle than they intended, the many years of shared history they now have, coupled with the fact that their two children will also be able to be there on the wedding day, just makes their story all the more special.


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