Giggle filled pre-wedding shoot at Nailcote Hall

There are some couples where even grey and rainy weather won't dampen their mood and laughter. Daniel & Margherita easily fall into that category, and proved as such when I got together with them earlier this month for their pre-wedding shoot. It was very overcast when we met up at their future wedding venue Nailcote Hall, to discuss their upcoming wedding day and chat about how I can make sure their wedding photography will portray their unique relationship. We started our pre-wedding practice on the beautiful grounds of the Hall, before heading to nearby Kenilworth Castle, brollies in hand, to continue our practice in the stunning medieval fortress. We were lucky enough to catch the odd break in the clouds, but my big white wedding umbrellas definitely came in handy.

The main discussion topics during the shoot consisted of "Which 'Game of Thrones' character would you be?" and "How many types of feathered animals can we build in to the shoot?". Answers on a post card to the usual address.


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