Giggle filled sunny pre-wedding shoot at St. Nicholas Church, Codsall

We’re currently making sure all of our 2019 couples have their free pre-wedding photo shoot booked into our calendar. We tend to book most of our pre-shoots in the spring or winter, when we’re not too busy photographing the weddings themselves.

Kimberly and James’ pre-shoot was a rare summer one! We found the extra time for the two of them, as they were getting married in church at St. Nicholas’ in Codsall. We’ve learnt from experience that it’s important for couples to chat about photography with a church representative in advance of their wedding about what they’d like photographed, and what’s allowed.

Many couples might not realise that the majority of churches have restrictions on what they allow photographers to do, and photograph during a ceremony. So chatting about this before the big day itself means there’s plenty of time to discuss options and make any specific requests to ensure the church can accommodate your wishes.

It’s often useful for us to be there at the time. That way the church representatives get to see first-hand how respectful we are of a religious ceremony. Plus we can help nudge them in the direction of what you’d like us to capture for you. Our policy is to be super-nice, and then often they’re more likely to be accommodating.

St.Nicholas is a lovely grade II listed church, with parts dating back to the 14th century. So after chatting with the vicar about what he was happy with, we then headed into the church grounds for Kimberly and James’ practice in front of the camera. If I had to describe the shoot in a single word, it would be ‘giggly’, and giggles always make for some great photos.

See for yourself!


If you fancy a free pre-wedding engagement photography shoot as part of your wedding in the Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and beyond, then get in touch!

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