An epic two-mile pre-shoot adventure around Baggeridge Park! With horses and manure photos

"Thank you so much for sending those pics through, they are fab and we are so pleased with our choice of photographers, as you guys take fab photos!!! I think we are both feeling a lot more comfortable being in front of the camera on our wedding day. We also had a fab time on our walk chatting with you both."

"We both have some fave snaps and I particularly the capturing of my 'ohhh its a fluffy woofer' face! The pics in front of the pile of poop were hilarious and we both thought that they were good pics of us...I think the comedy of the moment was definitely captured!"

Phil and I try to mix things up a bit with our pre-shoot locations, to make sure there’s plenty of variety with our pictures. We’ve been to Baggeridge Park a few times for pre-shoots, but not on this particular circular walk around the park with any of our couples before.

However, I’d forgotten that it’s actually quite a long and hilly rural walk! Fortunately Julie and Luke were more than up for it when we met up last September, even when we posed them right in front of an enormous pile of steaming manure; the “stinky shit shot”!

We met at the park’s fab little cafe, where the slabs of bread pudding are enormous, and the Black Country accents are strong. Like many of our couples' Julie and Luke’s wedding has unfortunately been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and they've had to postpone their wedding day, which was originally only a few weeks away. They've been able to secure a new date and we'll be there with them at a stunning outdoor venue in Kent called The Oak Grove. It looks absolutely amazing, and it’s going to be a real privilege to shoot there.

Julie told us that her chosen theme for her wedding to Luke is simply… nice. The vibe she described to us sounds lovely and relaxed, with as little fuss as possible. Family and friends are all helping out with lots of nice DIY touches, with family and friends joining in to sort out makeup, cakes, and flowers. A nice afternoon tea will be served, and some nice speeches will be made.

After we’d had a really nice chat it was time to have some fun with the camera! Phil did his quick “How To Have Some Nice Pictures Taken 101”, and we set off around the park. The circular walk I had chosen offers plenty of variety and some lovely light as the autumn sunshine filtered through the trees.

After quite a steep climb through the woods we emerged onto the high ridge of Gospel End Common, with its super views out over the Staffordshire countryside. We met with some friendly horses - Julie loves animals; dogs and horses in particular. We also came across an absolutely enormous pile of manure from the nearby stables, steaming away. Julie and Luke were more than happy to pose in front of it, and said they might even be using that picture for their wedding invitations!

After some final shots amongst the pink heather and yellow-flowered gorse of the Common, we arrived at last back at the car park. I think we were all a little tired out from the walk that was slightly longer than I’d remembered, but hopefully as you look at this little selection from the pictures, you’ll agree that it was worth it!

To Julie and Luke; as well as all our couple's who's wedding has been affected by coronavirus, the Dignum boys are here for you. We'll do our best to help out however we can, we want any changes to your day to be as stress free as possible. It may be a little longer than expected for us to capture your wedding day for you, but it will be all the more special for the wait and anticipation.


Currently planning your wedding at The Oak Grove, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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