Top 10 reasons to book The Dignums to photograph your wedding day!

Just like good old Top of the Pops or the Chart Show we've put together our very own Top Ten list! They are all reasons why you should book us for your wedding day, and how we can help make your day awesome.

In at number one!


You’re gonna 😍us! We’re friendly, smiley, and we’ll take away the weirdness that comes from having your pictures taken. We shoot your wedding from the inside rather than hiding at the edges, and we’ll join you and your mates on the dance floor at the end of the evening! After we’ve taken loads of shots of all the fun, of course!



For some being in front of a camera for the first time can be TOTES AWKS we’re not gonna lie. But we specialise in making you feel comfortable and making you look great without doing any odd poses. After five minutes of “this is weird” we know that you’ll be totally rocking it, and having a whale of a time.



There’s TWO of us! A second photographer as standard. Two points of view, two contrasting but complimentary styles, and two pairs of eyes that can be in two places at once, capturing all of the amazing moments of your day.



I know we keep banging on about it, but you get a FREE pre-shoot! FREEEEEEEE!! You get to meet up with us, have a good chat about your plans for your big day, and then get some practice and some fab pictures of you two just being you!



We WON’T BOSS you around! Above all we want you to have fun on your wedding day. We’ll use our considerable experience to help and guide as needed, but never tell you what to do. If you need space, we’ll give it to you. You can even use us as an excuse if you need to get away from it all for fifteen minutes!



We KNOW OUR SHIZ. We’ve got amazing (and very expensive) cameras, and we have the knowledge to get the best out of them. We constantly invest in training and workshops to keep ourselves up to date, creative, and learning new techniques! Obviously we know weddings inside-out, and we’ll help out if needed with all those little things you hadn’t even thought about on your wedding day.



Our ENERGY. We keep busy and work hard on your big day day, constantly on the look-out for all the fab and fun stuff that’s going on. You'll get photos of things you didn't even witness yourself on the day. People always comment on how we’re always on the move. Maybe that boot camp we go to three times a week is paying off!



Perhaps it’s boring, but we’re ORGANISED and backed up. We’ll know what time sunset is on your wedding day, and have a printed list of any group shots. Our cameras save onto two memory cards at once, and once we’re home we back up all of your images both on and off-site. We’re fully insured, and blah blah blah; are you still awake?



We PROMISE not to eat ALL of your cake! Actually, you don’t have to feed us at all unless you really want to, as we’re aware that costs you money. We bring our own packed lunches!



There are some COOL TRICKS we can pull out of the bag, off-camera flashes for night time portraits, to spruce up the speeches, and hand-held for the dance floor. Even something called a PixelStick for some amazing night-time light painting if there’s the chance. We’ll make you look even more amazing than you do already!



We always OVERDELIVER. (check out the number above) We arrive early, and rarely leave at the moment we’re scheduled to finish. If there’s fun stuff going on then we want to shoot it! There’ll always be more pictures than you’re expecting, and just you wait until you see what’s inside the goodie pack your USB arrives with…


If our top reasons sounds like a perfect ten for you then get in touch, and with your best Alan Sugar voice let us know "YOU'RE HIRED!"

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