Early summer stroll pre-wedding shoot in Baggeridge Country Park

“We loved our pre-wedding shoot. We spent the whole time giggling and having so much fun. Phil and Toby are such an easy going, fantastic couple it felt like we'd known them for years. Looking at our photos you can see how relaxed and happy we are, we are so pleased with them. It's definitely helped us to know that we will get wedding photos we love and that we don't look as bad as we thought in front of the camera!”

It’ll very soon be time for this lovely couple, Tatjana and Martin, to get married! So, before we get to share the fun of their wedding day with you in the form of their sneak preview, let’s take a look at their super-sunny, super smiley pre-shoot earlier this year.

The setting was one of our local country parks. First of all, as usual, we sat outside with coffee and cakes, to talk weddings and make plans. Tatjana and Martin will be tying the knot at the beautiful Shropshire venue The Albright Hussey Manor, on the banks of a tributary of the River Severn. There’s plenty of lawns there for fun outside after the ceremony, and we heard that our couple’s greyhound Nell will be making an appearance!

Even better for me, during our chat we discovered that Tatjana and Martin also have a cat… named Toby! 🐈While the feline Toby won’t be there for the wedding celebrations, I’ll be happy to represent in name.

We had a relaxed stroll around the park together, making use of all the natural leafiness and spring sunshine that was on offer. There’s an interesting spot with what’s known as a cress bed: water from a natural spring trickles down over stepped terraces of shallow pools. They used to grow water cress there - a delicacy for the local gentry to enjoy. These days it makes a home for the local newts, and a place for dragonfly to hunt. The still water also provides excellent opportunities for some interesting reflection portrait shots.

We carried on through the woods, and used one of the little fisherman’s jetties for some great effortless pictures - Tatjana and Martin made for a really relaxed couple, and a supremely easy and enjoyable pre-shoot.

It’s going to be a privilege and pleasure to be part of their wedding day, and both Phil and I are really looking forward to it.

Here’s a little from Tatjana about how they met and got engaged:

“We first met in 2010 when we were both 18. We went to the same college and had a load of mutual friends, even had the same hang out spots in Birmingham but never actually met until we all had a big Friday night out to our local Wetherspoons.

The Friday night 'spoons sessions became a regular thing and we soon became very good friends. Fast forward a year and we became a couple.”

It was July 2016 when we got engaged, we were both attending a friends fancy dress birthday party. There wasn't a particular theme so Martin and I went as Beetlejuice and Lydia.

Slightly tispsy we made it back to Martin's parents house where he decided that there in his bedroom, dressed as Beetlejuice was the moment he would ask me to marry him. He did say some very sweet things and even got on one knee but I totally thought he was joking because he looked so hilarious and then I went to sleep.

It wasn't until the morning when he said that he was serious that we were both like OK then this is official. We both went to the Jewellery Quarter a few days later to pick out my ring and then told friends and family.”

“Neither of us knew where we wanted the photo shoot. Anywhere we thought of was either too far away to be feasible or had an entrance fee. We left it to our photographers who suggested Baggeridge Country Park and it turned out to be a wonderful suggestion.

Martin had been there before but not since he was a child and I'd never been. We looked it up and loved the woodland walks and lakes that are there and knew it'd make for some lovely photos. Plus it is close to where we have moved to which was an added bonus.”

Advice for folks planning their wedding; have a budget when you start planning and stick to it. It's so easy to think that the more expensive option is better or for your budget to quickly spiral out of control for all those little things you forgot about. So make lists and spreadsheets and all the fun stuff to make sure that you stay on track and if you come across something or an idea you love then take the time to shop around and you'll be surprised at what you can find cheaper.

Also it is important to stick to your guns. It's your wedding and you don't want to regret your decisions so try not to let outside opinions change what is important to you.”

Currently planning your wedding at Albright Hussey Manor, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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