Urban pre-wedding shoot in Digbeth and The Custard Factory

Engaged couple facing each other in front of street art at The Custart Factory in Digbeth
If we were to choose a quality we look for in all the couples we shoot, it would be FUN! We’d also throw in relaxed, maybe a little quirky, and with no trace of pretentiousness. With these ingredients you've pretty much got our ideal couple right there. These are the couples we've found we suit best, the couples we have a great laugh with, and with whom we have pretty epic wedding days. I hope Katherine and Rob feel we've just described them perfectly! As photographers, it's also nice for us to get to mix things up a bit. Throw us a pretty manor house wedding, and we're happy. Pop us on a ceremony in a working farm, and we'll embrace the livestock. Chuck us into an urban back alley, and we'll take photos of you next to the bins; which is exactly what happened on Katherine and Rob's pre-shoot.

They are a city couple at heart, preferring a fun night out on the town to a ramble in the countryside. So it made complete sense that they they chose Fazeley Studios in Birmingham’s city centre as their wedding venue, and why we decided a pre-wedding shoot strolling around Digbeth and the Custard Factory would work well for them. Katherine is an art fan. If it’s not weird, she’s not interested 😉. She appreciates a good gallery, and loves a bit of street art too; yet another reason the choice of location was so perfect for them.

After popping in to Fazeley to run through their wedding plans, we headed back through the big blue doors and started to wander around the local streets and alleys to find great locations for some photo practice. I think after looking at a few of their photos you’ll agree that this pair totally rocked it, too!

So, I present you the awesomeness that is Katherine and Rob’s pre-wedding photo shoot. Enjoy!

Engaged couple near a skip in front of street art sprayed on roller doors at The Custart Factory
Engaged couple facing each other on a metal bridge under arches at The Custard FactoryEngaged couple leaning against a wall covered in street art in Digbeth Birmingham
Black and white close up of groom to be.Black and white close up of bride to be.A car park full of colourful street art near the Custard Factory featuring Katherine and Rob on their pre-wedding shoot.Pre-wedding photography featuring colourful fox street art at the Custard Factory.Black and white photo from an urban pre-wedding shoot in Digbeth BirminghamColourful urban pre-wedding shoot with couple hugging near yellow skip next to street art at the Custard Factory in BirminghamCouple underneith the arches in the Custard Factory carpark in Digbeth.Couple laughing in front of vibrant street art at the Custard Factory in BirminghamVibrant pre-wedding engagment shoot at the Custard Factory in DigbethCouple relaxing in the street on their urban styled pre-wedding engagment shoot.Engaged couple stadning arm and arm on the bridge to the Custard Factory car park.Engaged couple in fron of street art depicting a lady wearing sunglases. Taken at the Custard Factory in Digbeth.Couple leaning in for a kiss on their urban pre-wedding engagement shoot in Digbeth Birmingham.Pre-wedding engagement shoot photo shot in the Custard Factory car park.Katherine on her colourful and vibrant urban pre-wedding engagement shoot in Digbeth.Colourful urban pre-wedding shoot with couple standing near yellow skip next to street art at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

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