Dodging the rain clouds and discovering Grandma's Island on a pre-wedding shoot at The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm

(Warning: contains cow puns! 🐮)

Phil and I were excited to meet Amy and Joe at The Cowshed this week for their pre-wedding shoot. We hadn’t been there before, and were looking forward to seeing this unusual venue and what it has to offer - making sure we milk it for all its worth on the big day!

Before we take any pictures at a pre-shoot, we always sit down with our couples and ruminate about their wedding plans. It’s great to find out in advance what we’ll be up to.

The Cowshed is tucked away in the South Staffs countryside, not far from Wolverhampton. For the avoidance of doubt, a cowshed is exactly what it used to be! Its use has changed now from the bovine to the divine as a wedding and celebration venue. It’s a quirky barn space with lovely high wooden beams coming to an apex overhead, studded with fairy lights. There’s an adjoining barn for dancing, and a chill-out area with sofas and wood burner to one side.

Best of all, you can have your ceremony outside on a pint-sized island! It’s called Grandma’s Island, though I haven’t heard the story of why just yet. It’s a woodland spot with benches for the guests and a gazebo at the front, overlooking the small lake.

We herd that Amy and Joe have already signed on the dotted line at the Register Office, so their ceremony is to be a celebratory one led by a friend named Andy. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has in store. Decorations and flowers are being provided by Amy’s and Joe’s mums: Lynne and Jacqui: almost all of the flowers are being home or allotment grown!

This is just one example of how Amy has planned her wedding with as low an environmental impact as possible. She’s hit the bullseye by going for lots of locally sourced supplies, and is ditching the plastic as much as she can. Even the wedding favours re going to be something eminently useful rather than disposable: bar tokens! Joe is adding touches of his own: a projector and games system, and his brother Dan is DJ-ing in the evening to provide the Cowshed’s moo-sic! Joe had tape-measure and notebook in hand, and he explained how he’s using his computer skills to create a virtual model of The Cowshed to help plan layouts and lighting.

There’s loads that we chatted about to look forward to, but I need to save the cream of the surprises for when I blog Amy and Joe’s udderly fantastic wedding next month! We can’t wait.

Though there were some rainclouds during our pre-wedding meeting at The Cowshed, there was a break in the precipitation long enough for us to get outside, explore Grandma’s Island, and get some fun practice in front of the cameras! Here’s a selection from the pictures for you to graze upon.

Currently planning your wedding at The Cowshed at Woodhall Farm, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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