The Dignums in Digbeth for a decidedly different pre-wedding photo shoot!

In Digbeth there were a few snowflakes in the air, and a cold wind was blowing when we met up with Sophie and Reece for their pre-shoot, but the laughs kept us all warm.

We met in Kanteen for one of their legendary coffees / hot chocolates and a chat about Sophie’s and Reece’s plans for their Mill Barns wedding this summer. Sophie said that the idea running through her head as she’s been planning for her big day was: “How do we make this not boring?”

I really don’t think that they need to worry.

There’s loads of fun planned for all of Sophie and Reece’s guests, with a board game theme for the reception tables. All four of us quickly bonded over our mutual love of tabletop gaming: we’re gonna have to meet up at that board game cafe in Leamington some time! Nadia from Jam Jar is going to be providing the rooms’ decorations, and confetti, so we know we’re in for a treat there.

Food and drink will be a big part of the day, with both Sophie and Reece being restaurant managers. We heard the story of this being how they met, when first of all they were behind the scenes at a very popular piri-piri chicken restaurant. Their eyes didn’t quite meet over the flaming grills and the extra-hot sauce, but it was close.

And in the evening we’ve got Carl Sinclair’s four-piece band to look forward to. I’ll definitely be getting my dancing shoes on and diving into the middle of the dance floor with my camera.

Before their wedding ceremony itself, Sophie and Reece have planned a “first look” with us Dignums. This, in case you haven’t heard, is where the couple set aside a little time just before walking up the aisle for some portraits. It makes the best of the light, gives them extra time with their guests afterwards, and we think it’s such a good idea.

Having discussed all the details, it was time to go and do Digbeth. We all wrapped up warmly, and made our way out into the snow-speckled air to take some photos. There was loads of colour and different settings, and Phil and I spotted plenty of locations and backdrops that we hadn’t tried before, in order to do something different. I was the lighting guy, with a big radio-controlled flash unit in my hand, that we used both outdoors and indoors to create what we think are some really special shots. Sophie and Reece were naturals, looking great without having to try, and having loads of laughs with us. We definitely have similar slightly naughty senses of humour, and Phil and I can’t wait to be back with them on their big day!

That will without doubt be an absolutely amazing wedding at the Mill Barns, to blog and share with you. In the meantime, have a look at what we got up to in Digbeth!

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