Digbeth is downright perfect for a pre-wedding shoot!

We’ve still got a list as long as an orangutang’s arm of shoots we haven’t had time to share with you all yet. Even though I’m scaling the mountainous end of wedding season editing list, I want to take a some time to rectify that a little.

A few weeks ago we shared Steph and Chris’ spectacular wedding day. If you missed it you can have a read and take a look at what they got up to here.

Ask any wedding photographer and they’ll most likely admit that the beginning of wedding season feels like a lifetime ago by the time they get to the end of the year. It really does seem much longer than nine months ago when we met on a sunny February day for Steph and Chris’ pre-wedding photo shoot.

Their wedding took place at Birtsmorton Court. Set in the Malvern countryside, and packed with wonderful green and leafy locations for wedding portraits. Steph and Chris knew we’d have lots of opportunity for photos amount the flowers and foliage on their wedding day, so they fancied something of a juxtaposition for their pre-wedding photos. We couldn’t do much better than the urban and vibrant streets of Digbeth.

Firstly Toby and I sat down with them for a coffee at Kanteen, in the Custard Factory. We ran through their plans for their big day, and then headed out for a stroll, and some practice in front of the camera. Sometimes we take our Fractals along with us on shoots. They are glass prisms that create interesting effects when held in front of the camera lens. We thought Steph and Chris might get a kick out of them, and paired with the street art we created some awesome photos.

Occasionally couple’s will ask for advice on what they should wear on a pre-wedding photo shoot. I reply by explaining that the important thing is that whatever you choose you want to feel that your outfit flatters you, and is also comfortable too. I always think it’s nice if their choice of clothing is quintessentially them too, and shows off their personality.

To say that Step had nailed her outfit for the shoot would be a gross understatement. Her vibrant scarf, awesome orange coat, and matching colour shoes couldn't have been more perfect. They fitted brilliantly in front of all the great street art. Neither Chris nor Steph needed to work very hard to look good in their photos 😜

So without further ado, I give you Step and Chris, doing their thing, looking amazing. #nailedit


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