Robot dancing pre-wedding engagement shoot in Digbeth, Birmingham

We hit it off with Heather and John from the get go. They're exactly the laid back and relaxed type of couple we love to photograph. Their wedding day was pretty amazing, and we're really looking forward to sharing it on out blog. Before the big day itself, we met up in Digbeth, Birmingham, for a walk around the Custard Factory.

Here's a few photos of these two lovely people doing their thing whilst they had some practice in front of the camera.

Just a reminder that every couple gets a FREE pre-wedding shoot with us! They’re especially useful if you’re usually a little nervous in front of a camera. You can get used to the experience and find out what works best for you both.

Here’s a little from Heather about her and John’s engagement and their experience of their photoshoot.

"John proposed in Bath on a bridge overlooking a lake in a National Trust Park. It was really pretty, and he was being romantic. I slightly ruined it by getting excited about the Halloween trail they had in place for kids. I was delighted when finding the last massive spider, and I tried to run away without realising what was going on 😂

John did get down on one knee which was quite some distance for him considering his height

We chose Digbeth for the engagement shoot because we wanted our photos to be different to ones we’d have on our wedding day. I also love street art and bright colours. We had seen that Phil and Toby had already done shoots there before from their Instagram page which looked pretty cool. As two non-photogenic people Phil completely put us at ease and came up with some pretty creative shots. We were super happy with how they came out, and had no worries about being snapped on our wedding day. On both the engagement and wedding day we had such an amazing and fun time with the Dignum boys and the extra bonus is that they are super good at what they do. We have some awesome photos to treasure forever."


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