The Dignums in Fuerteventura

Blue skiels and palm leaves during holiday in Fuerteventura
Phil and I recently took a short break in the Canary Islands to recharge our batteries and try out some exciting new camera gear before the busy 2018 wedding season is upon us.

Geologically speaking, Fuertaventura is almost brand new, created by volcanic eruptions off the northwest coast of Africa just five million years ago. The landscape reflects this, with an almost Martian appearance of red-brown rocks. Not a lot of plant life grows there unless it’s being irrigated. However, the warm sunshine and cooling breezes make it a great place to relax and explore.

We’d booked a villa all to ourselves in one of the more remote parts of the island, and brought along my mum Margaret and sister Helen too. Margaret in particular enjoys having her picture taken, so she was the perfect subject to test out a new investment in our photography business: a Sony A9 camera. This state-of-the-art bit of tech will help to make our pictures even more awesome. The camera is “mirrorless”, which means it’s almost completely silent when taking pictures, helping us to get closer to the action during ceremonies without being a distraction. It also has face recognition technology, ensuring that it focuses on what is usually the most important part of a shot. Before a shoot we can even register a few of the most important faces for the day in the camera’s processor, and it will automatically prioritise those when focusing. The camera has a world-beating sensor that performs particularly well in low light conditions. I’m talking churches, ceremony rooms, dance floors, and… tropical night skies!

As you may have read on our blog before, I’m a big science nerd, and this extends to astronomy. I love a clear dark night sky, and our remote location in Fuerteventura was the perfect opportunity to get some long exposure shots of the stars. Our new Sony A9 didn’t disappoint: I manage to get what I think are some really lovely pictures that will remind me of a really fun and relaxing holiday.

I also dragged Phil and Helen out to help me with another one of my nerdy hobbies: geocaching! This is using a GPS unit or smartphone to find containers hidden outdoors. The co-ordinates for these containers are published on the website, and anybody can join for free. Caches are hidden all over the world; there are loads in the UK. They rarely contain anything valuable, but there’s always a logbook to sign, and goodies for kids (young and old!) to swap. One of the caches we visited was called “Sea Fish” and took us on a tour of an abandoned fishery and an ancient geological site to collect clues to help us find the actual container. I also trekked with Phil up one of the local mountains to find another cache and admire the interplanetary views.

Of course we also made sure we did lots of the more normal holiday stuff: splashing about in out little pool at the villa with a floating unicorn, trips to some beautiful beaches, exploring the narrow streets the nearby Tarajalejo. We befriended some of the local stray cats, one of whom was particularly keen on the battered squid served at a great little pizza restaurant situated right by the town’s beach. Other highlights included nonchalant donkeys, timid crabs, and my mum falling into the sea (she was fine, but gave us a bit of a shock), and of course missing all of that snow back home!

So the Dignum batteries have been recharged, we’re very slightly less pale, we’ve got some great new camera gear! We’re raring to go for all of our fantastic 2018 couples. If you’re planning a wedding, or indeed anything else that you’d like photographed, now’s the time to get in touch to check our availability.

(has hidden “The Dead Knave’s Grave” at N 52° 32.862 W 002° 08.527)

Blue skiels and palm leaves during holiday in FuerteventuraLady on beach in bright sunshine
Palm leaves in the sunshine
Sexy man wearing hat in swimming pool with inflatable unicornMuscular sexy man wearing hat in swimming pool while riding inflatable unicorn
Angular painted buildings and blue skiesDetail of palm leavesVery sexy photographer stading on sandy beachDetail of plants and spider websShadows of plants on painted wallSunset over Fuerteventura hillsLeaning lifeguard station overlooking blue sea with big waves
Windmill water pumpBeautiful woman next to graffiti wall Angular walls and blue skies with fluffy cloudsSexy photographer looking thoughtful in closeupMore bloody palm leavesFluffy stray cat with tongue sticking outFluffy stray cat being fed squidSunset over shallow water at beachTree branches and leaves in the sunBlue skies and fluffy clouds over man llokinh up at volcanic mountainWalls and rooftops in bright holiday sunshineStars and palm leaves at night - astrophotogpraphyBlue skies and fluffy clouds through window louvresSurprise! It's more palm leaves and blue skiesBeautiful beach with light sand and inviting blue waterBeach crab sunbathing on a rockConcrete blocks leading away in to the sea on a beachDetailed close up of succulent plant leavesGraffiti of smiling face on painted wallWeird-looking bean pods on a plantSunrise and dramatic low cloud over Fuerteventura mountainMan wearing hat solving geocaching puzzle on beachSunset over Fuerteventura beachClear blue skies and pylon behind wallTree branches and leavesSeaside street with lights at duskFuerteventura donkey crossing roadOld metal roofing frame and blue skiesLady looking at the sea with wind in her hairVolcanic landscape with mountains and blue skiesGreen leaves in the sunshineDisused fishery with metal roof struts and pipesRocky Fuerteventura beach with blue seaSunset over beachRocks with mountains in backgroundStarry Fuerteventura sky - astrophotography shotFuerteventura lighthouseHooray! More palm leaves.Man stading on quayside with waves splashing nearbySunrise and clouds over mountains

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