A mother and daughter laugh-a-minute portrait shoot in Himley Hall Park

"Sophie & I had a wonderful afternoon with Phil. If any of my Midlands based friends are contemplating getting professional photos not only will your memories be captured forever but you’ll find that The Dignums will enjoy making more memories with you. Thank You Phil & Toby you’re both very dear to us as a family."

Running a small business can be difficult. There are so many hurdles, challenges, and metaphorical mountains to climb. So, when other people offer a hand to help support your little business you'd be surprised at just how much it can mean. Simple recommendations, likes and shares on social media, as well as shouting through a megaphone to spread the word with friends and family (no one has done that just yet, but I live in hope!) can make all the difference, especially when coming from those that have booked our services in the past.

Sophie booked us for her wedding back in 2018, which is where I met her loverly mother Janet as I photographed Sophie's bridal prep, whilst Toby was with the lads for groom prep. Sophie and I hit it off very early on their pre-wedding photo shoot, so I shouldn't have been surprised that I got on so well with Janet, considering she's partly responsible for raising such a fantastic young lady. I say partly responsible as I'm guessing Janet's wonderful husband Nigel occasionally helped out 😜

Since then, Sophie and Janet have become two of our most prolific supporters, liking and sharing pretty much everything we post on social media, only to be rivalled by my own lovely mother-in-law Margaret. Nigel even composed a special blog post on his own site singing our praises to all who read it.

As I mentioned, simple things mean a lot. Social media is a hungry and fickle beast, it demands constant feeding, otherwise it will sulk and turn its back on you, so that your posts and photos no longer show up regularly in folks' feeds. Having help with sharing what we put out there, and likes on our photos helps to tell the social media algorithms that people enjoy our work and posts so they're worth sharing with others too.

I wanted to find a way to say thank you to Janet and Sophie for all heir support. I suggested we meet up when I wasn't quite so busy, for a mother and daughter photo shoot and catch up. We planned it in advance for when I wasn't as hurried under my end of wedding season editing pile, and eventually met for a stroll, some photos, and a lovely lengthy catch up at Himley Hall Park. Both ladies turned up rather glamorous, and laughed when I got out my car with wellies on. We managed to navigate the muddy paths expertly, and I didn't even need to take my jumper off to lay on puddles for them to step over, regardless of how much Janet insisted. I'm sure she was just trying to get me to take my top off! 😆

Anyone that knows Janet will already know how she is filled with millions of funny and surprising anecdotes. I'd share some of them with you know, but I fear most would make you blush. I enjoy wondering how often Sophie has heard each story and whether she could recite them off by heart herself 😋

I wanted to put a little blog post together of their photo shoot as recognition of mine and Toby's appreciation of their support. When selecting the images pretty much every single one features them laughing together, a testament to the great relationship and close bond they have.

I hope you love your photos lovely ladies, there's still more to come, mainly of you two giggling your heads off together 😘

Fancy a fun and relaxed family photo shoot in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, the West Midlands, or anywhere really? Get in touch! If you'd like to see more of our family shoots just click here.

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