Dogs and daffodils on a springtime pre-wedding shoot at Himley Hall Park

When you meet up with The Dignums for your pre-wedding shoot, usually at a cafe or pub, the cameras stay in our bags for quite a while. Before the snapping starts, we want to find out all about your wedding plans and the things going on during your big day.

I bring along a slightly battered-looking exercise book so I can make notes, and the page devoted to Katie and Alex is particularly special, as it’s decorated with the muddy paw prints of their excitable young spaniel, Kev!

We’d met at the Log Cabin Cafe at Himley Hall near Dudley. This is the cafe that does huge slices of flapjack which I buy as a reward for our couples after they’ve completed their pre-shoots. Over some big steaming mugs of tea we sat outside and discussed Katie and Alex’s ideas for their wedding day. It’s going to be at the lovely Curradine Barns - a venue Phi and I are very fond of. It’s such a welcoming place tucked away in the Worcestershire countryside, with a little bit of magic in the air. The venue is set around a charming old-fashioned farmhouse courtyard, with an atmospheric old barn ceremony room, and a more modern celebration area adjoining.

Plans planned, notes noted, and paws printed, I put my exercise book away, and we all strolled out to explore the lovely grounds at Himley. The daffodils were in full bloom, which made for some great hiding places for Kev! Although he’s a young, excitable spaniel, I was impressed by how well trained he was by Katie and Alex.

We walked among the weeping willows, and stopped by the Capability Brown’s folly archway for some classic shots. Katie and Alex were very relaxed in front of our cameras, and they made our job really easy.

Before we knew it, Kev was in the lake! He loves water, but was very well behaved in that he kept away from the ducks and swans. Luckily the sun came out to dry him off as we completed our walk around the hall, but I imagine he was a little fragrant in the car on the drive home!

It’s not long now until Katie and Alex’s wedding day at Curradine Barns, and Phil and I are really looking forward to it!

Before you look at the photos below, Phil would like you to know that he’s tried REALLY hard not to fill the blog entirely with photos of Kev the dog. The thing is, when you put a dog in front of a dog loving photographer, you’re going to get a lot of dog photos! 😜
Currently planning your wedding at Himley Hall or the Curradine Barns, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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Himley Hall and Curradine Barns South Staffordshire pre-wedding engagement photography

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