A relaxed family garden photo shoot with three little characters, and the pets.

With the current lockdown and social distancing, it’s an odd time for families. Many of us are spending more time in each others’ company, with parents becoming home schoolteachers, whilst children are unable to go and play with friends. Some of us are unable to spend valuable time with family living in different households. I’m sure many of us are finding we’re grateful for many things we’d taken for granted. Be it time to ourselves, or time with people we care about.

One thing that I hope is that we all have a higher appreciation of at the moment, is when our loved ones are safe and healthy.

We’ve been lucky enough to have some sunny spring weather recently, which has given those families privileged enough to have a garden an opportunity for children to be outside playing with their siblings. Probably to many parents relief! 😜 I imagine rainy days bring added complications of ways to keep children happy and entertained.

Last August I visited a lovely family and spent a sunny afternoon in their amazing garden. I photographed them playing hide and seek, enjoying their swings and slide, a game of thumb wars, a spot of football, some acrobatics on the trampoline, and lots of time spent relaxing in each others’ company.

One aim I always have when I’m photographing a family, or a couple, is to work hard to capture each persons’ individual personality. When it comes to families, part of that hard work can be engaging with children in a genuine way. Kids can tell when you’re faking it. I know I will be able to capture authentic photos if I become friends with each child I photograph. Joining in their games, finding ways to help them feel engaged and interested in their photo shoot, and being genuinely interested in what they have to say goes a very long way to ensuring children feel comfortable with someone they have only just met. Then once we are mates, their little, or sometimes big personalities reveal themselves and I get to capture that!

Considering they are siblings, Henry, Issac, and Heidi all have very unique personalities. It was really important to me as we spent our afternoon together, that I found ways to help them express those personalities. When you look at the photos below, I think you’ll agree that they are brimming with character. GOAL ACHIEVED! 🙌

Have a read about Sarah’s experience of their family photo shoot, take a look at the photos, and look forward to simpler times ahead where we can once again spend time with our loved ones whenever and wherever we choose.

“Our shoot involved my husband Andy and I, our three children, the cat, and our mad puppy! The personalities of the children were captured perfectly! Isaac is mostly serious but loves 1:1 attention and this is what brings him out of himself. Henry is CHEEKY! will talk to anyone about anything and has a massive smile on his always but ironically isn’t always sure of himself. Heidi likes to weigh people up before she becomes herself. She can be shy and a Mummy’s girl but she wasn’t on this shoot - she instantly loved Phil and was her happy little self!"

“We had moved into our new home the previous November and the garden was one of the main features that sold it to us! I wanted some amazing pictures to treasure that had been taking in our home.”

“Watching the kids interact with Phil and seeing how much they enjoyed it! We’d done a more formal shoot when Heidi was newborn and we had to bribe the boys for every photo! They were genuinely gutted when this one finished and the photos reflect that!”

“I wanted an up to date family photo for our lounge, and saw some photos on social media of a family shoot my friend had with Phil. The quality of the shoots I saw on Facebook made me book. The shoot was amazing - just a lovely fun family afternoon! Can’t wait for the next one!”

“I love the trampoline ones, which is ironic because I couldn’t see how they would come out! I love the one on the bench where I’m sorting someone’s hair and Andy is just sat smiling - waiting because that sums up family life!”

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