Sparkly shoes, spotty slippers, a pink Cadillac, and a chocolate Labrador escort wedding at Hadley Park House Hotel, Telford, Shropshire.

Us two Dignums love a fun wedding day, with all its energy, enjoyment, and entertainment. We also love pets, and, as it has been pointed out before, we do have a bit of a thing for shoes!

So we hit the jackpot with Grace and Paul’s wedding at Hadley Park last October. The venue is a jewel in the Telford & Wrekin crown with a conservatory ceremony room flooded with beautiful natural light all year round. There’s a lovely bridal suite there too, and that’s where Grace got ready. Phil had loads of fabulous detail shots to take, including an amazing selection of Irregular Choice shoes. OMG, we loved those shoes! ❤️

At this point two very important people in Grace’s life arrived at Hadley Park. The first of these was husband-to-be Paul, who had travelled to the venue in a stunning pink Cadillac! The second was Nancy, the couple’s beautiful chocolate Labrador. Nancy was very excited to be wearing a flower-adorned collar, and performing the important task of escorting Grace up the aisle!

A heartfelt and joyful ceremony was led by an excellent registrar, as Nancy looked on. With promises made, rings exchanged, that just-married kiss, and register signed, we proceeded outside for some great family shots. We put the Cadillac to good use, and Nancy posed perfectly. At this point we also noticed Grace’s mum’s unusual choice of footwear: some spotty slippers. They looked extremely comfortable, and I think we can all learn something from such a pragmatic shoe choice!

The venue’s amazing and friendly staff had done a swift and almost magical job of transforming the conservatory from ceremony space to dining room, for the wedding breakfast. Grace, Paul, and their families and friends moved back inside for some of Hadley Park’s legendary food (I speak from experience of being a wedding guest myself there once - it’s delicious!), followed by some fun speeches. Phil and I were amused to notice a slight detail that had been overlooked on the top table decorations. After checking with Grace and Paul, who are both very relaxed and have a wicked sense of humour, we decided to leave it unchanged. Of course, we took some pictures too!

Evening came along so very quickly, and so it was time for everyone to party. After a lovely first dance, those spotty slippers so elegantly worn by Grace’s mum made another appearance on the dance floor. We took Grace and Paul outside for some atmospheric night-time portraits, but not for too long, because it had got rather cold! We made our way back indoors to warm ourselves up with plenty more dancing to round off a perfect wedding day.

Congratulations again to Grace and Paul, from the Dignum boys!

We'll leave you with some stories of their wedding from Grace, mixed in with the photos of their day.

"Paul and I met on a blind date, set up by our beautician; she does my hair and eyebrows, and Paul visits her for back massages. He was moaning to her that there's no nice girls, and for some reason she thought of me. So she passed me his phone number."

"I loved the ceremony room conservatory at Hadley Park House, which is one of the main reasons we chose the venue. They were happy to do a small wedding with a bigger reception, which most of the other venues I spoke to weren't willing to do, so Hadley Park House fitted what we wanted."

"As both of us have lost our dads, walking down the aisle was always going to be emotional. I had many offers for giving me away but I didn't want anyone but my dad so our darling Nancy had that honour.
When I got to Paul he told me I looked stunning and hugged me. I clung to him a little longer than I expected, it hit me that my dad wasn't there to give me away, something that he always wanted to do. He was a traditional man. We both welled up.
When we broke apart I caught a whiff of Paul and told him he smelt nice, he just smiled and said, "Thanks, Jean Paul Gaultier."

"I loved having our photos taken with Nancy. The food was epic. Seeing everyone in the evening was lovely. Also watching Paul and his best man dance to "It's raining men," will stay with me forever."

"Our first dance song was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. It's the only song we could agree on! It was emotional a few weeks before the wedding, we had the radio on for Paul's Dad when he was deteriorating and the song came on. It was heart breaking at the time, but in the end a way to remember him on our wedding day."

"Our advice to other couple's planning their wedding day is just try not to stress! If you haven't seen your cousin, auntie, or whoever in years, don't feel pressured to invite them. Having a small and intimate wedding was the best decision we ever made."

"Our photos are class! Just what I wanted, natural, relaxed and fun. Working with Phil and Toby (if you can call it working, we did a lot of laughing) was brilliant, I've had so many comments from guests saying how wonderful they both were. Even my mum was happy! That is serious. 😜 We picked Toby and Phil because we liked them. They are very laid back and real. I knew we'd get on together and all have a laugh too."


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Venue: Hadley Park House -
Florist: Floral Exuberance -
Cake: The Nuthouse Bakery -
Pink Cadillac: 2XL Limos -
Photo Booth: The Picpod Company -
Treats: Dan and Will's -

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