A riverside wander pre-wedding photo shoot, along the Severn river in Ironbridge

the-dignums-pre-wedding-engagment-photography-ironbridge-teresa-neil-1Do you remember that REALLY hot spell we had recently? One of those days we’d booked to meet with Teresa and Neil for their pre-shoot. Fortunately they both looked fresh as daisies throughout, and I think the effortless cool that radiated from the two of them helped to keep mine and Phil’s temperatures down.

We met at the Malt House pub in Ironbridge, right by the iconic crossing that spans the Severn river. One side benefit of writing these pre-shoot blogs is that I’m building a directory of great pubs to visit in the area! The Malt House has definitely been added to the list.

We sheltered form the sweltering heat indoors, and over a pint, or a prosecco, discussed Teresa and Neil’s wedding plans. It’s going to be a simple ceremony at Shrewsbury Register Office, followed by celebrations at Bayston Hill Memorial Hall.

It turns our that Teresa and Neil have Shropshire running through their veins, and love animals, particularly horses and dogs. There was even talk of the two of them arriving for their wedding ceremony on horses! As amazing as this would look in the pictures, the idea has been put to one side on grounds of practicality!

Bayston Hill has some amazing views out over Shropshire, and one option we discussed was to head up there briefly on Teresa and Neil’s wedding day for some portrait shots, or… we might not! They’re such a relaxed couple, and it’s clear from our chat with them that they just want to enjoy their wedding day and have a fab time with family and friends, without worrying too much what other couples do. The perfect “Dignums” wedding! ❤️ Teresa has also had an exciting idea we’re looking forward to helping with: a DIY photo booth! She’s providing a backdrop and lots of zany props; we’re going to provide the lighting and a camera!

We finished our drinks, and made our way to the north bank of the Severn for a wander along the riverside path. A combination of the depth of the Ironbridge Gorge, the river, and the shade from the trees kept us reasonably cool. I think Teresa and Neil were both initially a little bit concerned about how they’d get on having their pictures taken, but after a few minutes they were rocking it, just enjoying themselves and each others’ company in a very unselfconscious way.

The walk along the river was great for natural pictures with some lovely Shropshire backgrounds, and lots of variety. There’s a pretty little spot called Dale End Park, for trees, arches, and flowers. Further along we found a boathouse to give us some nice clean lines from the bricks and metalwork. Unique to this location was also the industrial heritage of the four massive cooling towers of Buildwas Power Station; an unusual and striking addition to all the other pictures we took.

Get yourself an ice-cream and enjoy this selection from Teresa and Neil’s summery pre-shoot images. We’ll be seeing them very soon for their wedding day, and we can’t wait!


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