A walk in the woods with the family pooches! A pre-wedding shoot at Kinver Edge, in Staffordshire

"Thank you - the photos are amazing!"

I'll start this blog post with a warning: if you bring your dogs along to your pre-wedding shoot, then there’s a strong chance I’ll get totally distracted and mainly take photos of the pooches. All whilst Toby laments that no one ever brings their cats to a pre-shoot.

This is exactly what Steph and Bec did the other week, when we met up, along with Belle and Baxter in tow, at Kinver Edge for their pre-wedding shoot. After all, as far as we’re concerned: pets are just as much family as people.

Step and Bec very sensibly asked parents to come along, to act as dog minders so they could have a chance of getting some photos of themselves too.

We all sat down together for teas and coffees, and ran through the plans for their wedding day. It’s going to be an outdoor ceremony on a local farm. There will be balloon modelling, outdoor games, contact juggling, and a light show! Not during the ceremony as far as we know, but I do like the thought of someone squeezing away on a long ballon and flourishing balloon wedding rings just in time for the ring exchange!

After some doggy shenanigans, attempting to get Belle and Baxter to sit together for a photo, we captured them having a sniff around and doing their thing before, Steph, Bec, Toby, and I headed off for a longer stroll. Bec grew up in Kinver so when we reached the toposcope, not only were we treated to a lovely view, but she pointed out a few locations we could see in the distance that had personal significance.

The downside of being higher up with a beautiful view is that the breeze plays havoc with long hair, so we practiced angling ourselves into the wind to allow for Beyonce-style music video hair, rather than a Cousin Itt from Addams Family look.

It won’t be long now before we capture all the fun and frolics of their wedding day. So until then enjoy a few photos of what we got up to during Steph and Bec's pre-wedding shoot.

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