A not-too-serious and definetly silly pre-wedding shoot at Leasowes Park, Birmingham

"Phil and Toby are a fun couple who take great pictures and we can't wait for them to be at our wedding day!"

We met Nicola and John for the first time at the ace Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham. We got on straight away, and Phil took them outside for a quick Dignum-style pre-pre-shoot, which I have just decided is a thing. Nicola later said that she was impressed with the way Phil was happy to throw himself to the ground to get an unusual shot, and that was how it was decided that we were the unconventional wedding photographers they were after!

Nicola and John have already tied the legal knot at an amazing-looking place called Severndroog Castle in Greenwich. But because that venue has limited capacity for people, and I suspect even more because Nicola and John clearly love a good party, they’re having a celebratory ceremony too!

This is to take place in the next few weeks at Salomon’s Estate in Tunbridge Wells. The venue looks amazing, and Phil and I can’t wait to shoot there. Both John and Nicola love the theatre, and their ceremony will be taking place on stage in a room named The Science Theatre!

I made lots of notes while Nicola, John, Phil and I sat in the pub and chatted about all the amazing stuff this really cool couple have got planned for their big day. But I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so you’ll need to stay tuned to this blog to find out what has been planned. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!

Leasowes Park, hidden in Halesowen, was the setting for our pre-shoot stroll. It was immediately clear that John and Nicola needed no guidance, and we just let them do their thing, messing around, and standing worryingly close to the edge of the canal while doing so!

The circular walk around the park offered a great deal of variety, from enclosed leafy paths, to open hilltop vistas, all being totally rocked by Nicola and John. As we returned to the car park, we then spotted the nearby playground. Did John and Nicola decide they were going to have a go on the climbing frame and swings?

We'll leave you with some of their photos and a few of their own words:
"We met each other when I (Nicola) kept seeing this crazy lad doing random things around my work building and he had so much energy (he was quite attractive too). So one day, I built up the courage to ask him out and the rest is history as they say."

"I proposed to John, cos I decided a 12 year wait was long enough and we had been through so much together (especially the year before), that it just felt like the perfect timing. After a day of things generally not going quite my way, I proposed at the light up festival event at Chiswick House next to some huge florescent roses on New Years Eve. After he said yes, he said he had been planning on proposing too, but hadn't found the right ring for: Oh well, I got in first! "

"Advice for those planning their own wedding day; plan it together, as the day is for both of you and it can be stressful, so don't leave it on one persons shoulders. - Have fun planning it, as most people still only do this once, so enjoy this period and make each other laugh along the way. - Don't book things for your wedding day that you don't need. Everyone has their own thoughts on what a wedding day consists of, so if you want it, spend the dough and if not, save those pounds."

"When we act silly and romantic around each other, we are not acting it, it just happens. Toby and Phil are such a laugh and so down to earth, they definitely made it easier for us to relax. I think we both loved having photos in the kids play area, as we just haven't grown up and the pics from that bit made us laugh the most. I am looking forward more to the photos from the actual day, as we generally have friends and family that are a good laugh and I think The Dignums are going to do us some cracking photos!"
Currently planning your wedding at Salomon’s Estate, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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Leasowes Park Birmingham pre-wedding engagement photography

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