Sunny morning pre-wedding engagement shoot Lightwoods Park and House, Birmingham

If you live in the West Midlands, chances are you’ve driven by this lovely park many times, without ever actually visiting. It’s a calm and genteel spot next to the busy Hagley Road that leads towards the city centre. There’s a beautiful Grade II listed house dating from the 18th century; itself a wedding venue.

This was the chosen spot for our pre-shoot with Holly and Ben, as they live just a short walk away. They’re actually getting married themselves at the Edgbaston Park Hotel, nine years to the day after they first met. It’ll be the first time that Phil and I have shot a wedding at this particular venue, so we’re very excited!

Lightwoods House has a really nice little cafe. Autumn is pre-shoot season for The Dignums, so I’m rapidly becoming a connoisseur of the quite a few cafes around the West Midlands. I’m happy to report to you that Jonathan’s In The Park is a good one: great coffee and cakes, and there’s even a suit of armour in the corner!

Holly and Ben have planned a lovely wedding at the Edgbaston Park Hotel in November. Fortunately, they’ve already been mindful to make the best of the natural light that’s available during the winter, and we talked timings, portraits and group shots. This includes the clever idea of keeping the guests in the main room straight after the ceremony to get a ready-made group shot of everyone together. I’ve made a note to bring along our collapsible step, in order to gain a bit of height, and hopefully we’ll be able to rope the registrars in to make an announcement!

The potential for cold or inclement weather in November doesn’t daunt Holly and Ben - they’re really keen on getting some great portrait shots with us, and the green outdoor space at Edgbaston Park Hotel was part of the reason they chose that venue. They’ll be dressed warmly, and we’ll bring our big white wedding umbrellas, just in case!

We made our way outside into the warm autumn sunshine and Phil walked Holly and Ben through his “Having Your Photos Taken 101”. I’m proud of him: he’s whittled down The Talk, as I call it, to less than five minutes! Armed with their new knowledge, Holly and Ben did a great job of being natural photo subjects, and we made use of all the different features in or just outside the park. Of course there were trees and benches, but lots of other cool stuff, too. There’s a traditional bandstand made in one of the old Scottish foundries. Almost all of the traditional Victorian cast iron bandstands were made in Scotland - have a look at the plaque on the next one you happen to be near! We used one of Birmingham’s classic terraced streets for a great leading-lines silhouette, and the concrete skate park for a bit of urban contrast. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Holly and Ben said they’re used to hearing their names said the other way around, which means of course they’re well-used to being compared to the children’s TV series “Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom”. I’ve just watched my first ever episode of it, for research purposes, and we heard that the wedding favours will be Ben And Holly-themed!

As long as Ben doesn’t shout out “I’m an ELF!” during his and Holly’s ceremony, we’ll be fine.


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Lightwoods Park and House Birmingham pre-wedding engagement photography

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