Super fun and relaxed wedding day, with awesome dancefloor antics at The Mill Barns, Shropshire

If you visit The Dignums’ home page and scroll down just a tiny bit, you’ll see a sliding banner that shows some of the lovely words couples have said about us. One of the more cryptic quotes is this one:

“John is very keen for me to let you know that he really wants another sweaty hug off you both, however he would appreciate it if you provided some more sweat yourselves in the future (his words not mine). Seriously we can’t thank you enough.”

We’ve never explained it; we’ve just left the words to speak for themselves. But now, as we approach the first anniversary of Heather and John’s almost unspeakably fabulous wedding day, it’s time for that story to be told!

John and his partners-in-crime groomsmen got ready at a house not too far from the Mill Barns venue in the Shropshire countryside. I had a moment of panic just after I arrived to photograph groom prep, when nobody answered the door. It was only because they were all mucking about in the kitchen round the back, playing a guitar and having a good sing-song! When I was a kid, I was in our local church’s choir, and sang at a lot of weddings. I got paid a pound coin for each one! My singing days are now over, but I did my best to join in, while getting lots of pictures of all the fun. This was rounded off by an impromptu frolic through the corn field over the road (and some of my favourite pictures, ever!), before we jumped into our cars to drive to the Barns.

Meanwhile, Phil was photographing Heather getting ready at the Mill Barns’ in the special bridal prep room. Judging by the pictures there was lots of fun there too, with prosecco sipped through straws, and all-important packet of Fox’s Party Rings to keep the blood sugar up. We Dignums love a bit of shoe-spotting, and Heather’s selection was an absolute treat: a gorgeous pair of Irregular Choice for the ceremony, and some sparkly Ellesse flats for later.

Heather walked up the aisle to some fantastic live guitar, violin and vocal music provided by Rebecca Kelly Music - a father and daughter duo us Dignums know well, as we’ve worked alongside each other before. Their music is always perfect - heartfelt and beautiful. After a lovely ceremony in the Barns’ natural light-flooded hall, we headed outside to begin the celebrations. This included John borrowing Rebecca’s microphone in order to serenade his new wife, to rapturous applause. We then had the pleasure of taking a shot with the most confetti I think I’ve ever seen in one go! For a second I actually lost sight of Heather and John behind all that coloured paper! Phil took the newly married couple off around the venue’s beautiful gardens for some portraits: some serious, some silly! We also discovered an alarming propensity for John and his groomsmen to drop their trousers with no provocation whatsoever!

A great wedding breakfast followed by excellent speeches. Including John passing his groomsmen some interesting gifts. One groomsman received He-Man and Skeletor figurines, another received whisky for special reasons explained during the speech, and another was gifted a framed picture of Thom Yorke. Suffice to say all the gifts where engineered for John to be able to expertly embarrass his groomsmen. 🙌

Heather and John’s first dance led to a second, joined by everyone, then to a third, fourth, fifth… There was a lot of dancing done, and a lot of wine drunk, all accompanied by music from Audiohead Events!

We took Heather and John outside to cool off and try some light painting shots with our fancy PixelStick. This involves doing a long exposure in the dark, and requires the subjects to stand very still for about eight seconds! Now, whether it was all that dancing, the lateness of the hour, or the fresh air that hit them, I don’t know, but Heather and John were definitely swaying a bit at that point! I had to join them in the shot and hold them still! While those PixelStick pictures aren’t the most technically perfect we’ve ever done, they do make us smile, and I suppose that means job done!

We headed back in side for even more dancing! Shirts were removed, ties worn as bandanas, and it did indeed get very warm. Hence our sweaty end of evening hug with Heather and John, rounding off for us an unforgettable wedding day for an amazing, funny, and friendly couple.

It was their first anniversary a few days ago, so a belated very happy first anniversary to Heather and John!

Currently planning your wedding at the Mill Barns, or anywhere really, and want fun and relaxed wedding photography? Get in touch!

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