Nineteen for 2019 Family Shoot Round-Up


I wanted to usher in the new year with a 2019 round-up of something I’d like even more of in 2020; fun and relaxed family shoots.

We’re being greedy having four round-up posts; but seeing as we concentrate so much time on letting you know about our wedding work, sometimes our relaxed and fun family photo shoots can miss out.

It’s why I decided that family sessions really deserved their own round-up. Plus just look at all the cuteness!

1. What’s that smell?

At least it was a nice smell, even is Freddie was just pretending to smell them.

2. Kids’ clothes are better

I’m pretty confident I’ve mentioned before how children seem to get much more interesting clothes choices compared to adults. I like to capture a child’s choice of attire during a shoot. Partly because it’s another way of capturing their personality, but also as I’m usually jealous too.

3. Growing families

One the first times I picked up my camera to photograph a family in 2019 was back in January. Zach was only a couple of weeks old. I’ve photographed his older sister many times, so it’s nice to also get to photograph a new face joining the family.

4. Good times

It’s important to me that your photo shoot isn’t only about capturing great photos of you and your little folk. It’s also about your children having a fun and memorable experience. I work very hard at engaging with each child on a shoot, asking them for their ideas for photos, helping them feel a part of what’s going on; engaged and listened to and enjoying whatever they are getting up to.

5. That face!

I don’t think I really need to caption this photo, it speaks for itself, just look at that face!

6. Helping hand

There are varying reasons why I might be photographing a family, and capturing memories for them. In this instance it was to help out to raise money for the charity Something To Look Forward To. The family photo session was a raffle prize to assist in raising funds to support other families being affected by cancer.

7. Wrap up warm

This image is to show that outdoor family photos aren’t just reserved for the summer months. It was a chilly January day when we all wrapped up warm and headed to the park in the winter sunshine.

8. Parental participation

One of the reasons I like photographing children and toddlers so much is their lack of self-consciousness and inhibitions. Sadly most of us struggle to hold on to these qualities later in life. I do my best to encourage parents and older family members to take advantage of my time and camera, without them feeling pressured.

Sometimes if I’m lucky I’ll even get to photograph parents on their own. After all they’re still a couple as well as being parents.

9. Creative connections

Without blowing my own whistle too hard, a good photographer will always find ways to capture families creatively as well as authentically.

10. Weather resistant

Children have many qualities; if asked you probably wouldn’t put this high on your list of reasons for being proud of your child, but they are pretty weather resistant. Just like the fact it’s possible to get great photos in the cold, it’s equally possible to capture fun filled memories in the rain too. Just like you would with your child, I put a little raincoat on my camera to keep it as dry as possible.

11. Young adventurers

Unposed, authentic, relaxed; capturing your little adventurer being themselves.

12. Furry family friends!

Just like our wedding shoots, family photo sessions are always enhanced with the addition of a furry friend. After all, they are just as much a part of the family.

13. Magical moments

I’ve definitely seen a change over the last couple of years, children now seem a lot more aware of the camera at increasingly younger ages. Many automatically posing and saying “cheese”. Hazarding a guess I’d say it’s due to camera phones, but I work hard during a shoot to help the little dudes in front of my camera forget that it’s even there. Doing so means I capture unposed and authentic moments such as these.

14. Not just for kids

Family connections aren’t reserved for those under the age of eleven. Mother and fathers are still parents whatever age their children are.

15. Scream if you want to go faster!

If you’re unsure where you’d like to have your shoot, and young children will be part of the session, then I always highly recommend heading to a playground.

Not only is it fun for the kids, but it’s a complete distraction for them from the fact they’re being photographed. It means I’m better able to capture them doing their thing, enjoying themselves, letting their little personality shine.

16. Moody moments


Little personalities aren’t always just made up of smiles and laughter 😁 Sometimes they are expressed with temperamental squished up faces 😕 Just as valid a part of their character, and great for parents to laugh at and embarrass their children later in life 😂

17. Runaway children

I’m not entirely sure if this true for all family photographers, but one of the benefits for myself during a family session is a fitness work out. As most parents already know; keeping up with active kids is no small feat. Most of the time, if your child is running around during the shoot, I will be too. In this case EVERYONE WAS RUNNING!

18. Keep coming back

It’s a cliché but true: kids grow up really fast. Within the space of only twelve months, they can have grown up fast, and have developed new and character-building personality traits. It’s unsurprising that many families don’t wish to miss capturing these changes, to look back on in the future. It means families invite me back again and again to photograph them, what better compliment and testimony could I need.

19. Tumble Tots

the-dignums-tumble tots-6the-dignums-tumble tots-3the-dignums-tumble tots-5the-dignums-tumble tots-7the-dignums-tumble tots-1the-dignums-tumble tots-4
If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll already know that many of the families who have booked a photo session have met me via Tumble Tots. I semi-regularly attend classes to photograph the tots enjoying their time learning essential active skills. It’s great to be a part of the Tumble Tots crew, and I’ve already got some dates in the diary to visit a handful of 2020 classes.

Yes I know, technically I cheated a little on that last one, as there’s more than one photo. I wanted to give you and idea of what Tumble Tots classes are like, and that’s the excuse I’m sticking too 😜

You can out more about Tumble Tots classes here. Maybe I'll see you there.

Here's a slightly larger collection of 2019 family shoots in the form of a quickly video. If you'd love to some relaxed, authentic, and fun photos of your family get in touch.

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