Toby's Nineteen for 2019 Wedding Round-Up

Hey there, you lovelies! I hope you’ve had a great Christmas break and got everything you wanted, including the perfect number of sprouts. Me? About a dozen. Thanks for asking.

It’s my turn to sit down with a beer and some Twiglets, and pick out nineteen of the wedding pictures I’ve taken this year that really make me smile. I hope they do the same for you!

1. Kitty high fives!

Everyone knows I love cats, so to discover there was an extra-friendly resident feline at Tom and Wei’s April wedding at the historic Anderson House in Warwick was a real treat. This confident kitty was more than happy to dish out some playful paw-to-finger greetings.

2. Givin’ it the finger!

Wedding couples and guests sometimes compare me to a ninja, popping up unexpectedly and capturing moments before people even know what’s happened. Though if I am a secret squirrel with special spy with skills, it’s a rather large one with a very loud laugh.

The edges of wedding dance floors, with the dimmed lights, are always fertile grounds for catching adults, and children, unawares with the flash. This was at Katie and Michael’s fab wedding at Castle Bromwich Hall in June.


Dawn and Jim laid on some excellent entertainment for their summer wedding in July. The party afterwards was at a local village hall, and in the garden there were all sorts of fairground games to play. My favourite was the electric buzz game, where you had to make sure your metal loop didn’t touch the wavy copper wire. I plonked myself down on the grass underneath, and caught all sorts of different concentration faces and reactions!

2. Peacock!

If you get married at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens, just as Rachel and Harvinder did in May, you may find an extra inquisitive guest or two on your list! This one was happy to pose as part of some of the group shots, too, for no extra charge.

5. Sunny symmetry

Phil and I love the Mill Barns in Shropshire, and we also loved every single thing about James and Paul’s wedding there in August. Their ceremony, with this jaw-dropping backdrop was just one part of what turned out to be an amazing, fun day that reminded me a lot of Phil’s and mine’s own wedding. ❤️

6. Sneaky selfie!

Another August wedding, this time at the medieval Gorcott Hall near Redditch. Beth and Shel absolutely ROCKED their day - I’ve got their cake cutting shot saved up for you in a bit.
I’ve just been having a discussion on Twitter about the correct name for the flower on a man’s lapel. I couldn’t remember. You can either go with “buttonhole”, or the extraordinarily posh “boutonnière”.

Anyway, I like this picture, because if you look closely, I’m in it too. 😎

7. Stand there! NOOWWWW!

We make a point of not ordering our couples around. Just letting the moments happen. But when a rainbow forms next to the frickin’ Millennium Dome (or whatever it’s called now), I will shriek at you: “GO AND STAND THERE - IMMEDIATELY!!”, as there’s not going to be a second chance! 🌈

This was part of Sonia and Craig’s crazy celebrations at The Gun, Coldharbour, after a beautiful wedding in Hackney’s genteel Town Hall in August.

8. Ice cream time!

We’re back with Dawn and Jim, and here you find me pretty much hiding in the bushes. I’m a ninja, remember; that’s what we ninjas do. Here we see a nice bit of repetition, with some fine flavours being fed.

9. Get knotted!

Did you know there are over 30 ways to tie a necktie? I only know the basic wrap-it-round-and-poke-it-through. So if, like me, you’re not sure how to do a “proper” one, it’s great if you’ve got someone tall like Chris on hand, to help you out. This was at his August wedding to the gorgeous Steph (not pictured here) at Birtsmorton Court near Malvern.

10. Street style

On the right you can see groom Neil, waiting with friends and family outside Shropshire’s Register Office, before his bride Teresa arrived. They all thought I’d gone mad when I sprinted off and into the car park over this wall. But I’d spotted a cool bit of street photography, and it was worth the running and jumping to get something different!

11. Cat chat!

Lindy was an absolute star at Katie and Alex’s Curradine Barns wedding in October, not only was she a guest, but also one of Katie's hairstylists from SMHeart Hair during bridal prep. I’d already cheekily inserted myself between the people she was snapping and her phone, because I’d spotted that awesome case. We then spent several minutes bonding over mutual love of cats. 😻


Steph and Bec’s wedding, in a field (well, Claverley Farm Events) was amazing, with its outdoor ceremony, massive tepee, and loads of fun entertainment. I love this frozen moment with the blocks in mid-air, and the reactions of those faces!

13. Sword swallowers!

We’re back with James and Paul at the Mill Barns. They cut their cake with a razor-sharp Japanese sword, because of course they did. (Paul is an accomplished martial artist)

What makes me smile about this one is the look on the face of the fabulous Mill Barns’ wedding coordinator, as she assists with the re-sheathing of the blade. Clearly she wasn’t expecting this as part of her duties that day!

14. Table tennis

Sarah and Daniel both love this game, so they made sure it was part of their wedding day. It was a great opportunity to get some unique sports shots, and I like the way the reflections make their venue: The Redhouse Barn, appear in a way it probably never has done before!

15. Waiting for the walk-in

Here’s Steph with her bridesmaids, and her dad, just before they all processed into the ceremony room at Birtsmorton Court. In a way, this is another street photography shot, with each individual separated out. I like the way Steph, still in the light, is picked out as the focus of the image.

16. Lots of layers

I was with Alex and his groomsmen for their prep at the Curradine Barns. Alex is a real gentleman: he even made me a cup of tea as he was getting ready. Here we find him looking extremely handsome in the mirror, but it’s only as your view zooms out, through his arm to the rest of the image, that you notice that he’s flanked by his two best men as well.

I had to stand in the bath to take this one. Fortunately it was empty.

17. Dramatic dancing

It was an absolute delight to be part of Hannah and Paul’s Halloween-themed wedding day. They’d dressed their local village hall to perfection, and I remember chucking myself around the room, jumping on and off the stage, to get shots of all the dance floor action. Here’s a shot of this awesome couple that really makes me smile.

18. Film-noir flash

I’m finishing my 2019 round-up with two cake-cutting pictures! I’m always on the look-out for ways to make these traditional shots appear a bit different. It’s not always possible, but here I’d hidden a radio-controlled flash unit in the coat rack that was behind Holly and Ben, just out of shot. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but was super-pleased afterwards with this Hitchcock-style shot. 🔪

18. The cake in mid-air!

When the wedded couple decide to cut their cake with an actual axe, you’re aware that it’s not going to be a process laden with surgical precision. But nothing could have us all for the fact that the blade, wielded with terrifying gusto by Beth and Shel, would send the cake flying off the table! Look at all the reactions on those faces!

What I loved most was that nobody had a meltdown. Everyone thought it was hilarious. The cake was scooped up back onto the table and everyone, including Phil and me, got stuck in with a fork. It sums up the sort of wedding we love to be a part of!

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A mere nineteen photos isn't nearly enough to show you what our 2019 looked like, so here's a whirlwind tour of extra images from our year. Click on the video below, sit back, and enjoy!

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