An autumn outdoor natural newborn photo shoot in Wolverhampton


“I couldn't resist looking through all our photos once I started! WOW! You are insanely talented. These photos are incredible, thank you so much xxx”

If you’re a parent you will know all too well how unpredictable children can be, especially newborns. To be fair to them, it must be pretty frustrating being a baby; not being able to communicate what you want and need at any given time. So when baby gets tired and irritable on a photo shoot what do we do? Well we let baby take a nap and have some adult time for a while instead. Besides, just because you’re parents now, doesn’t mean your relationship with each other should take a sideline.

It’s exactly what we did when I met up with Sophie, Joe, and Rosie last October. Whenever Rosie indicated that she needed a bit of a break, we let her have a rest in her pram, and Sophie and Joe got some time together in front of the camera. Although I couldn’t resist capturing at least a couple of snaps of Rosie’s little frowning face when she decided it was time to rest.

We were treated to some lovely low autumn sunshine, and the floor was beautifully littered with red and orange leaves. Top marks to Sophie and Joe for choosing an awesome bright yellow coat for Rosie that complimented the backdrops so well.

If you'd like photos and memories that capture your new addition to your family, in a natural and relaxed style, then get in touch to book a family shoot. We still have availability this school summer holidays!

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