Relaxed and leafy arboretum pre-wedding engagment shoot in Walsall Arboretum


“Toby and Phil were amazing & made us feel completely relaxed, even for us who are normally a little uncomfortable in front of a camera.” - Georgina and Alain

On this blog we wanted to share Georgina and Alain’s relaxed and leafy pre-wedding shoot, and use it as a chance to chat about how we’re there to help you get the most out of your photographs and the opportunity to practice.

Georgina and Alain didn’t actually need much practice when we met up in Walsall Arboretum last May for their pre-wedding engagement shoot. They were both a lovely combination of being eager to try stuff out in their photos, at the same time as being relaxed and taking it in their stride. They’ve been together for quite some time, so are super comfortable with each other’s company and interacting with each other. All of which adds up to make a photographer’s job a lot easier. After all, it’s a team effort!

We met a different couple recently at a wedding fair and mentioned that we include a pre-wedding photo shoot at no extra cost with wedding bookings. At which point they pulled a face. I asked them what that face meant, and they explained they weren’t keen on the idea of a pre-shoot as to them it felt like a pretentious thing to do. I explained why we offer them, and why they’re so important. Our favourite couples tend to fall into the category of laid back and unpretentious. They possibly don’t always feel 100% comfortable with a camera in their face, but like the idea of having some nice photos of themselves together. They’re very unlikely to start acting like supermodels, they just want to look like themselves as much as possible; and then like how that looks in a photo.

The best way to prepare if you’re camera-shy and maybe concerned about how you’ll look in photos is to have an opportunity to acclimatise before your wedding day. Plus have some lovely, authentic, and genuine photos of the two of you. Try not to put any pressure on yourselves to do or be anything specific, just see what comes naturally.

Once I’d explained this they completely understood and were sold on the idea of having a pre-wedding shoot. They thought that this kind of photoshoot was about showing off, and flaunting their relationship. Maybe it is for some, but for us, and pretty much all of our couples it’s something completely different. Something fun, something that honours their individual relationship, with the added bonus of preparing each couple for their wedding day portraits.

If you are one of those slightly camera-shy couples, then don’t worry, we’re there to help! That’s why you’ve hired us. We talk you though a few tips to begin with, just to avoid feeling a bit stiff and rigid when we first takes some shots. We chat about a few different ways of interacting together which you can try out. This gives you the benefit of testing some things, to see what feels right and what things aren’t for you. Everyone is different.

We can confidently say that pretty much every single couple hits their own individual stride by the end of the shoot, and even surprise themselves that they are actually getting into the swing of being in front of the camera. They understand that we’re not the type of people that would judge them for being themselves. Which is great as that’s our goal on the photoshoot; through mucking about, and having a laugh, we get to capture something wonderfully authentic.


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