A wedding day table tennis match and photos in the greenhouse at Redhouse Barn, Worcestershire

"Gents, these look awesome! If this is just the preview then Sarah might explode when the rest are finished, since these are perfect! It was fantastic having you guys shoot the wedding, and we're so glad you were available to do it - it certainly would not have been the same with anyone else. We are both incredibly grateful for your efforts. It goes without saying that we enjoyed ourselves, but a big part was knowing that you guys had a handle on everything and we could concentrate on being silly. Thank you so much." - Dan

If it’s true that positive attitudes and smiles can make the sun come out, that’s definitely what happened at Sarah and Dan’s Worcestershire wedding. As Phil and I were driving to the fantastic venue that is Redhouse Barn, there were a few drops of rain falling from the grey clouds above. But the magic of marriage caused the sun to break through for a lovely warm afternoon and evening with lots of outdoor fun.

Sarah’s day started with a leisurely bridal prep at the Barn’s special Getting Ready Room. It probably has a better name than that, but that’s what I call it. Sarah’s four friendly, smiley, and chatty bridesmaids did a great job of lacing up each other’s lilac dresses. There was a lovely moment when Sarah’s mum and dad appeared to see their daughter, with hugs followed by them producing their own little cameras to take lots of pictures!

While Phil was capturing all this, I was circulating as Sarah and Dan’s guests were arriving and having fun. Redhouse Barn has plenty of space for guests to mingle and chat, and there’s a well-stocked bar and lots of friendly staff! Dan arrived, bringing the sunshine with him that lasted for the rest of the day.

A wonderful ceremony was led by a fab Deputy Superintendent Registrar, David, with lots of laughs and smiles, and just the right amount of emotion too. It’s always a lovely thing for Phil and I to be able to witness and photograph.

Dan and Sarah were declared to be husband and wife with a roof-raising cheer, and then it was time for pimped-up proseccos! They’d had the clever idea of arranging a little cart with various juices, fruits, and flavours that could be added to your glass of bubbly to make it even more special. We all gathered for a great confetti shot, assisted by a few gusts of springtime wind that helped keep us all cool. I was absolutely stunned to spot that Dan and Sarah had chosen a maths theme for their table plan! Phil and I had a maths theme for OUR wedding too! Now I’m wondering if we are the only two couples to have done this, brought together by fate, or is it actually a really popular wedding theme idea?

Another nice touch that Sarah and Dan had arranged was to do with their entry into the wedding breakfast room. Usually this entails the happy couple walking into the room with assembled guests politely applauding, but THIS happy couple had other plans! First the groomsmen entered, grooving it up to the Soul Limbo cricket theme tune. They were followed by the four bridesmaids, who danced in to “Here Come The Girls”. Then it was the turn for all four parents, who absolutely rocked it to “We Are Family”. By this time it was fair to say that all the guests had been whipped up into a game-show audience frenzy, for the entry of the bride and groom! They danced their way to their table to “Hooked On A Feeling”. I was doing a lot of laughing by that point, and it’s lucky that my camera has state of the art image stabilisation going on!

After an excellent meal and some really fun speeches we all spilled outside into the early evening sunshine to play games on the lawns. Sarah and Dan had laid on beanbag tossing, with homemade targets, and had even brought along a full-sized table tennis table! Pretty much everyone had a go, and there were some serious skills on display.

We briefly stole the newly-marrieds away for some super portraits in the golden sunshine, ending up in a greenhouse! It’s great that our couples trust us when we say “Come over here, we’re going to try something weird, but it’s going to look GREAT!” Phil ran ahead to the greenhouse first, and told Dan and Sarah to walk slowly and not rush whilst he made sure the set up would work. On turning back around he found them both taking the mickey by running in slow motion behind him; our favourite type of couple!

As the sun went down we all headed back inside. An amazing cake was cut, and a lovely first dance was danced to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". There was a great live band “Save The Date”, and I made sure that I joined everyone on the dance floor with my camera in one hand and remote flash in the other. The Dignums shoot weddings from the inside, not the edges! The evening was rounded off with some exciting surprise fireworks before Phil and I put our cameras down to join everyone on the dance floor once more.

Thanks and congratulations to Sarah and Dan - your day was AMAZING! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek selection of your pictures!

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Venue: Redhouse Barn - https://redhousebarn.co.uk
Hair Stylist - Amelia Bourne - http://www.ameliabournehairandmakeup.co.uk/
Florist: Vicky McGregor-Dignan
Cake: The Red Cake Company - https://theredcakecompany.co.uk/
Live Band - Save the Date

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