Non-binary Steven Universe inspired styled photo shoot in Digbeth

When it comes down to it, Toby and I are two big kids. This manifests in different ways; Toby still loves board games, puzzles, and practically anything with coloured flashing lights. And then I still watch cartoons, spend probably way too much time playing video games, and can consume my own bodyweight in sweets. These are the reasons that when Beth from Madame B’s Boutique floated the idea of putting together a styled shoot based on one of my favourite cartoons: Steven Universe, I metaphorically jumped on her with a scary amount of enthusiasm.

If you haven't seen it, Steven Universe is a wonderful and colourful cartoon,as well as being a GLAAD award-winning series for its inclusivity. Its positive representation of LGBTQ+ themes and characters is wonderfully handled, and it sets an example to other childrens’ programs on how they can be inclusive in a simple but effective way.

Beth brought together a team of fellow wedding suppliers and models, to lend their skills and be part of the shoot. Make sure you scroll down after the photos to see everyone involved in bringing our photoshoot to life. All these talented people are also part of the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza exhibitor family, so alternative and inclusive representation of the wedding industry is important to them too.

When planning our ideas for the photographs Toby and I wanted to ensure we brought forth something alternative and different, to compliment the vibrant theme. The cartoon is colourful, and largely about a race of alien characters called Gems, so we wanted to use some colourful lighting techniques, as well as fractal prisms in front of our lenses to create some playful and interesting effects.

The shoot was featured on Rockn'Roll Bride a few months back, but we loved the results so much we wanted to share it on our own blog, too. Here's some info featured in the original Rock'n'Roll Bride article, as well as a selection of our photos from the shoot.

"Inspired by the wonderful Steven Universe, a GLAAD award-winning series well-loved for its positive representation of LGBTQ+ themes in a nuanced and non-preachy way, this is the kind of wedding shoot we want to see more of!! Capturing something playful, colourful and creative (just like the show) in a way that will absolutely appeal to the Rock‘n’Roll crowd."

“Although LGBTQ+ representation in the wedding industry has improved in recent years, the majority of images in wedding media still focus on cisgender, heterosexual couples”, writes shoot collaborator Beth, of Madame B’s Boutique. “In particular, non-binary folk are rarely seen in wedding blogs or magazines, and I felt this shoot would be a great opportunity to play with peoples’ perceptions of the gender binary in weddings. Why must there always be a white dress or a dark suit? Why only focus on two colours when you have the whole spectrum to play with?”

"Taking place at The Custard Factory in Birmingham, this shoot was a collaborative effort of many of the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza wedding suppliers. “Our fantastic team of non-traditional wedding suppliers all brought their own creative spirit to proceedings and really pushed the boat out in terms of playing with colour, texture and silhouette”, Beth continued."

“We hope that this shoot will make couples who don’t feel like they fit in the traditional ‘bride/groom’ binary feel seen and celebrated. We all felt that Rock’n’Roll Bride would be the perfect home for this shoot, as it already has a great reputation for diversity and LGBTQ+ representation. It’s wonderful to be a small part of that! I hope that this shoot will inspire couples of all genders to be bold when it comes to playing with colour and mixing up masculine and feminine styles. It’s your wedding, so you can do anything you like! Have some fun and let your personalities shine through.”

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Inclusive wedding photography in Birmingham, the Midlands, and the UK.

Suppliers -
Outfits: The Couture Company -
Veils: Madame B’s Boutique -
Hair and Make Up Artist: Natalie Flewitt MUA -
Jewellery: Working Clasp -
Bouquets: Jamball -
Outfits: Curious Coco -
Shoes: Creations by Miss Molly -
Cake: Vic's Vegan Bakes -
  • Model: Maddy Winters -
  • Model: Mx. Harry -

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