Vive la volunteer!

Phil here for today’s blog post. I wanted to share something a little different for this one. It’s great to have a skill set you can use to help others in meaningful ways. Sometimes the gift of photography and capturing people and memories is a whole lot more than the sum of its parts.

You may have read previously on our blog about Remember My Baby, one of the charities I volunteer for. If not you can take a look here. I’d like to introduce you to two more of the charities I find the time to help. I’d like to help raise awareness of these charities and hopefully increase the chances of them being discovered by those who could benefit from their help. If you’re a professional photographer who might be able to offer your time and skills to help out too, please go check these charities out.

The Butterfly Wishes Network

The first is called The Butterfly Wishes Network. It’s a not-for-profit organisation made up of UK-based professional photographers who offer their services free of charge to families of children with life-shortening conditions. They help to find a photographer who will donate their time and services to to those who need them most.

Volunteering for this charity has given me the opportunity to meet some really lovely children and families.

Here’s a few photos from shoots for The Butterfly Wishes Network. Thank you to the families for allowing for images to be shared to help others learn of their great work.

Something To Look Forward To

Another charity I offer my time to is called Something To Look Forward To. Their aim is to promote the well-being, relieve the stress, and aid the recuperation of those who are experiencing the effects of cancer and its treatment, together with their families, by the provision of positive individual and/or family experiences.

People with cancer and their families can access a variety of gifts donated by companies and individuals. I offer free photo shoots to individuals or families whose lives have been affected by cancer. Be it a family or individual portrait shoot, or the coverage of an event such as Bill and Hazel’s intimate hospice wedding.

Take a look at some photos below, and if you know of someone who could benefit from the charities offering these services, make sure you pass on their details.

If you'd like to read more about the charities we support you can take a look on our dedicated website page.

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