A walk in the park! A pigeon and doggo photobombed pre-wedding photo shoot in Walsall Arboretum

the-dignums-walsall-arboretum-pre-wedding-engagement-photo-shoot-kristy-kevin-25"Thanks for the day. Wow the pics you have sent are amazing, so relaxed and casual. They are awesome, and the blog write up so funny, cheeky, and all round great. We love all aspects of it, but most of all loved the day meeting you both chatting getting to know you, and the fact that you let us have our input which was great. Felt like we had known you for years, and were friends by the end of the day. I know we have made the right choice in you, with the pictures so far, with you both as people, so thank you. Cant wait for the next instalment." - Kevin and Kristy

We first met Kristy and Kevin at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza show in Digbeth. If you’re planning a wedding and would like to meet loads of awesome people who will make your day even more special, you could do a lot worse than following in their footsteps! I only say this because the next E.W.E. show is just around the corner.

Before any pictures are taken on a pre-shoot, we always have a chat with our couples, to get the gossip and find out about their wedding preparations. The venue for this particular meet-up was a Toby Carvery: alway an amusing experience for me, given my forename! Kristy and Kevin are planning an amazing festival-style two-day wedding event later this year, with a Register Office ceremony in Lichfield, photos in the nearby park, and a family meal on Day One. Then, on Day Two, the party will begin anew, courtesy of Deckerdence: the double decker bus celebration tent people! These are another of the E.W.E. people, and their bus/teepee hybrids are the stuff of wedding legends. Kristy and friends will be getting ready in one of the buses, while Kevin and his groomsmen will be in the nearby bell tents. There’s going to be a hand-fastening ceremony, followed by an amazing party, with lots of food and drink vans in attendance. I can’t wait!

Wedding chatting done, and notes made in my beloved dog-eared exercise book, we popped out to have a stroll around Walsall’s Victorian arboretum. It’s a great background for unpretentious portrait shoots, and I enjoyed reading all the plaques scattered around the park, telling you about its various features. Some of these were fascinating; others... less so. Did you know, for instance, that the tiny clock-tower gatehouse used to be home to the gardener, his wife, and their EIGHT children? Or: that the boathouse is constructed on iron piles, with a concrete floor? These are the sort of facts that I live for!

Kristy and Kevin, meanwhile were doing a great job of having their pictures taken with Phil. Kristy in particular has a keen aesthetic eye, and made lots of good suggestions for places to use. They were also good sports, not batting an eyelid when we gave directions like: “get inside this tree”!

The Arboretum has a large lake, with lots of wildlife, which made another great backdrop. Love was clearly in the air that day, for it was there that we met Walsall’s randiest pigeon: a dappled-white cooing Casanova that puffed himself up and did 360° pirouettes on the wooden railing to try and impress the ladies. I’m sure The Dignums can expect our first avian wedding photography enquiry soon!

This wasn’t the only animal encounter. We were also accosted by a lovely and friendly old black Labrador with greying eyebrows and muzzle, who insisted being part of the shoot by inserting himself between Kristy and Kevin!

Having toured the park, and having had loads of fun with Kristy and Kevin, we parted ways with our usual remark: the next time we see you, it’ll be your wedding day! SQUEEEE!! It’s going to be amazing, and we can’t wait to share our festival adventures with you in our blog. In the meantime, here’s Kristy, Kevin, and the randy pre-shoot pigeon!

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