Kids don't care if it's cold a.k.a. winter family photo sessions

It’s December, it’s cold, mostly grey skies, and often raining… so what?!

I’ve photographed two portrait shoots over the past few days, for two fun little people. So on the blog today I want to prove a point: yes it’s nice to have have the warm sun shining down for a family portrait shoot, but it’s certainly not a required element to be able to capture some great photos of your little dudes.

The two photo shoots that I want to share some photos of with you, both contain the following equation:

winter + little person + playground = awesome photos!

As most parents already know; kids just don’t care. They don’t care about making a mess of the front room, just before guests arrive. They don’t care about eating all the Brussels sprouts and broccoli from their dinner plate. They don’t care about when bedtime is ‘supposed’ to be, and tend to vote for ‘whenever they fancy’. They certainly don’t care that you’ve already watched that episode of Peppa Pig six times in a row now, and could recite the script in your sleep.

But they also don’t care about weather conditions all that much either. Raining? Don’t care, they’ll slide on wellies and splash in the puddles. Cold? Don’t care, they’ll put on a hats and scarves. Then get too warm running around the playground deciding between which is best, the swings and slide? Mud? Don’t care, time to roll around on the floor! That last one I don’t necessarily endorse, but kids will be kids, and will choose to live up to that fact at every opportunity possible. To be fair, so they should, that’s what childhood is for.

I’m confident that the photos below will show that you don’t need much for a great family portrait session. Mainly some kids, a little adult supervision, a me; Phil your friendly neighbourhood camera man.

Now grab a wooly hat, some wellies, and let’s go to the playground. I’ll race you to the roundabout, GO!

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