Summer Shropshire wedding at The Mill Barns

Reading this in January at the time of posting? Near a window? Look outside. Ugh! January in Great Britain! What is that all about? So it’s a genuine pleasure to bring you some sunshine in the form of some of our favourite photography from Gemma and Chris’s summery wedding last June.

Everyone by now has heard me raving about what a wonderful venue The Mill Barns is to tie the knot, relax with friends and family, have a great party, and all the fantastic photos it’s easy to take there. Phil and I rave about it all the time - it’s one of our favourite venues. And it suited Gemma and Chris right down to the ground, fun and relaxed, but with lots of unpretentious style, too.

Saturday mornings often see me on groom prep duty, and to my delight, Chris and his mates were getting ready just around the corner from The Dignums’ own abode! It was great to just saunter round with my camera bag over my shoulder, and great to see such a nice bunch of friends enjoying each others’ company. They’d spent the night before there, playing board games, the name of one in particular being shouted out from time to time during the day! I’ll come to that. There was some last-minute speech writing, but also taking the time for a little bit of football and cricket on the village green over the road. Because of course you’re going to do that on your wedding day!

It was Phil’s pleasure to capture Gemma and bridesmaids Kim, Sarah, and Mandy at The Mill Barns’ fab bridal suite for their preparations. It was all about chocolate, Chanel, Chandelier by Sia, and champagne! (it might have been prosecco, but go with me on the word play please!) Gemma’s mum was also a big part of the fun, and there was a touching moment when Gemma’s proud dad popped in to see his daughter just before escorting her up the aisle.

Soon enough it was time for a lovely, warm ceremony that was a joy to capture. The room was flooded with loads of gorgeous natural light that Phil and I were able to photograph from all angles.

Then it was time to capture the confetti shots on the fantastic outdoor veranda that sits in the apex of the two barns, overlooking the old mill’s lake. Phil took shots from the ground floor, and I leaned over the balcony. Afternoon celebrations included a gin cocktail bar 😍, and live music from a harpist. Again it was really nice to see, and capture pictures of friends and family enjoying themselves, catching up with each other, and of course the groomsmen larking about! The theme for the dining room was Game of Thrones - a brave choice, I think! The food at The Mill Barns is always delicious, and we were very grateful to Gemma and Chris for putting us on the list. I took the opportunity to steal an overview shot of the wedding breakfast in full swing with my radio-controlled flashes to give a bit of extra added starburst.

Afterwards, the speeches were great. Poor Chris had to endure the displaying of a special pair of his pants (not the ones he was wearing), and there was an unexpected treat as one of the best man had written a song as part of his speech! I won’t lie to you, dear reader: sometimes when someone picks up a guitar at a wedding, I grit my teeth just a little. But honestly this was really really good: very funny, and note-perfect!

Next, as afternoon turned to evening, and with the arrival of the evening guests, the cutting of a gorgeous-looking (and scrumptious) cake, and a lovely first dance, it was time to party! Some serious shapes were thrown on that dance floor.

Chris is a fellow boardgames addict, so if you’re reading this, have a look at the first letter of each paragraph of this post. 🤣 For the rest of you, here’s some much-needed vitamin D in the form of the visual sunshine from a selection of pictures from Chris and Gemma’s fab wedding day.


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