Phil's birthday personal photography round up

Around this time last year I put together a little blog post rounding up the past twelve months from the point of view of my own personal photography. If you missed out you can see it here, it's a lovely collection even if I do say so myself, so go take a look at that post too. Seeing as today is my birthday, I thought I'd be a little self indulgent and do the same again. There's a few of you that may not yet follow us on Instagram, so you won't have had a chance to see many of these photos already. I also decided to use my personal Instagram account more this year, so there's a little less of our personal work on our main account as well, so even more reason for me to put this blog post together. It's a nice excuse and opportunity to share some images with all you fine folks that read our blog, as you get to see a few things that are non-wedding related.

These past twelve months I seem to have had a little less time for my personal work compared to the twelve preceding my last round up. I still feel it’s important to try and find time to use my creativity for personal projects, so I've tried to find time here and there through the last year to take some photos that are solely for myself. It's a hodgepodge mix of images of Toby, photos from various days out with my good friend Steven. You'll see a photo from a fun hen do with some good friends. A trip to Wales for Toby's birthday (more of which you can see here). A handful from our boot camp sessions, including a session with a water fight. A few moments from SNAP Photography Festival events. A family holiday abroad (which you can see more of here). Our cat Fatwans, plus various moments where I've had the opportunity to grab my camera and photograph whatever takes my fancy. It's sprinkled with people from my life that mean a lot to me.

So without further ado, I present you with a little selection of some of my favourite photos since my last birthday. You're welcome, love Phil x

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