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If you've found your way to this page it means that we’ve worked together at a wedding and you’d like to use some of our images in your marketing and promotion. 

We'd be delighted to share the love, and some of our work with you, but only on the condition that the happy couple have given permission for you to use photos of them. As standard, photographers always retain the copyright to the photos they've taken. Our couples have a usage licence for their images for personal enjoyment only. They can't use them for commercial reasons, or sell the photos. We retain the copyright of all our images. Our couples’ personal usage license doesn’t extend to supplying their wedding suppliers with images (this is industry standard); permission to use images has to come from us. When we pass you permission to use our images, we still retain the copyright. Hours upon hours of work goes into creating our photos, as we're sure goes into your service too. Please respect that hard work and effort.

With the (slightly baffling) GDPR changes, if a couple are happy for their images to be featured in suppliers’ marketing, then you also must get in touch with them directly to confirm. That way you have evidence of explicit permission from them. As photographers it’s in our contract with our clients that we are able to use photos to promote our own business. This agreement doesn’t extend to third parties, so it’s always important to have that explicit permission to avoid complaints. Should a couple change their mind (as is their right), you must remove their images from your marketing, as per the GDPR guidelines.

If you'd like to use some of our photography to promote your awesome work or venue, then we can supply you with the images that you'd like, as well as a commercial licence to use the photos. This page contains a lot of important info, so please read through everything before contacting us to make a request.
To use some of our photography to promote your business there's a couple of options, one of them being completely FREE. Yay! The main rule though is: don't be a dick! Don't just steal photos we've posted online or ask the couple to send them direct in an attempt to avoid us, that's just not cool. We wouldn't steal some nice cupcakes from a wedding cake supplier, and then give them out to our couples as a way to promote ourselves. We all put a lot of effort and pride into our businesses, so straight-up stealing is a no-no. We'll hunt you down, just like Liam Neeson does in “Taken”.

We do our best to collect supplier info from couples before their wedding day, so that when we share photos online you can clearly see the work of other suppliers, and we can be nice people and credit them. Some couples are more forthcoming than others, so if you've worked alongside us before, and you think the couple may not have passed us your details, please get in touch and let us know. We're happy to retroactively add tags to previous posts, and include them in future posts too.

Just so you know, once we've supplied you with photos, the images must not be edited in any way as they are a representation of our work as well as yours, and they need to remain as such. This includes things like Instagram filters: please don't convert to black and white, don't add additional sharpening, and no heavy cropping. Cropping to a square format on Instagram is OK.

If anything doesn't make sense just get in touch and we can help you out.
What do you fancy?
Below are our two options for how you can use some of our work to promote yourself, your business, or your service.
With either option you need to get in touch with us so that we can supply you with the photos and your license.
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We'd like free photos please!
To use our non-watermarked screen low resolution photos for free, there's a couple of things we need you to do. It's not too much, especially considering FREE markting matierials are on offer. Click below to find out more.
Let us know which images you want to use. Do not edit them yourself, or use any filters. You can crop them to make them fit your digital space, but otherwise they should remain as supplied.

Everyone who understands a little about SEO knows that backlinks are the currency of the future. So below are the various credit tags and links you must to use whenever and wherever you use one of our photos. These must all be clickable links, not just text.

On social media tags need to be within the image description/text to ensure people can see them and click on them, rather than a tag within the image itself which isn't always visible.

If an image is being used on your website the link must be a normal 'follow' link. Not a 'no follow' link. If you don't manage your website yourself, you can check this with your web developer/designer. The link should be next to the image being used. That way if someone sees the photo and would like to know who took it, it's super easy for them to do so.

On websites/blogs: Use the text '' with a back link credit to (must be a 'follow' link)

Instagram tag: @thedignums

Facebook page link:

Facebook tag: @thedignums

Twitter page link:

Twitter tag:

Pinterest page link:

If you're happy and able to credit us whenever using images just click on the button below to request access to a gallery or a selected photos.
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We want to use photos with no credit, or in print.
If you need high resolution images to use the photos in print rather than online, or you are unable to include/guarantee a credit to us then this is your option. Click below to find out more.
If you’d like to use the images in print or advertising, or if you want to use the images online without having to credit us as the photographers, the cost is £35 per image. 

If you'd like to use more than one image let us know, we offer a discount based on how many you'd like to purchase the usage rights for.

If you'd like to purchase a selection of images just click on the button below to request access to a gallery so that you can flag the images you'd like to purchase.

Part of the reason we need charge for high resolution files of images intended to be used in print is because unlike a clickable 'follow link' credit online, in print credit has very little value to our business. We’ve learnt from experience that it is extremely unlikely that an in print credit will translate to any bookings for us, as they are much more likely to be overlooked, and couples are much less likely to remember to search for us if they do notice the credit.

Where as an online clickable link that automatically takes someone direct to our work and information stands a much better chance of becoming an enquiry. Also as we insist on the link being a ‘follow link’ rather than a ’no follow’ link we benefit from the SEO.

Our photos used in print has a very large amount of value to the supplier using the images, but none for us, so giving away our hard work for free doesn’t make good business sense as it’s not a very fair trade.
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