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If you have any queries about our wedding photography that you are still be pondering, chances are they are covered below. Have a look through all our FAQs for lots of extra info.

We've made sure this page is jam packed with lots of useful info, so we’d be surprised if your specific questions isn't covered here, but if we’ve missed it then just drop us a message. We'll be happy to let you know Toby's preferred gin, Phil's favourite colour, or our cat Fatwan's preference of cat food.

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    • Are you the right photographers for us?
      The big question!

      We really hope we are, but as all wedding photographers offer their own unique mix of photography styles and personalities, only you can make that choice.

      It's an important decision, as not every photographer will suit every couple, so we've added lots of information to our website to help you decide on whether we're the perfect fit for your wedding day. Your first port of call should be our wedding info page. It outlines how we'll approach photographing your wedding day.

      Next up it would be a good idea to take a look at our portfolio page, our wedding blog posts, and content on social media sites like Instagram. You can have a look through our previous work and see if it resonates with you. What we create for you on your wedding day will be a unique mix of your plans, venue, styling, the weather conditions, your family and friends, and of course you as a couple.

      We'll most likely be with you for a lot of your wedding day, so it's important that we can have some fun together. We like to consider ourselves extra guests, who are taking some great photos for you on your wedding day. Rather than photographers that will lurk in corners, and not interact with the fun of the day. If after ready our about us page you feel we sound like your kind of people, then take that as a really good sign.

      Another aspect of weddings that differs from couple to couple is budgets. We've carefully calculated our wedding package costs to ensure we're covering the many days of work that goes into every single wedding, and that we're making enough money to pay our bills and mortgage just like everyone else. All our prices can be found on our coverage package page.

      Lastly there's the nitty gritty of what you can expect and what you'll receive. All of which should be covered below. We highly recommend that you have a good sit down together and read through the questions and answers on this page, as well as the pages we've linked to above.

      We don't do the hard sell, as it's just too important to us that every single couple feels we're the right fit for them. From the photos you'll receive of your wedding, to the jokes we'll share on the day.
    • How much of our day will you cover?
      It depends on the coverage package you select. Our up to nine hours coverage, can go all the way from both your preparations in the morning, to a couple of songs after the first dance.

      Our coverage typically includes everything from your preparations (usually starting around two hours before your ceremony), the little details, guests arriving, your ceremony, confetti shots, a small handful of formal lineup photos (if requested), and a ‘just married’ couple portrait shoot. Dependant on the coverage you choose it will also cover your reception, speeches, and your first dance.

      What you want to fit in to your wedding day should always be your choice, rather than what everyone else does. If you don't want any lined up formal photos, then it's just more time for you to spend with your guests. If you're not fussed about confetti, then don't have a confetti photo. Your photos are for you, not us, so pick and choose what you want, and we'll photograph those aspects of your day for you.

      Every wedding is both individual and personal, just as it should be. Some wedding celebrations can have a party vibe with everyone on the dance floor. Some wedding days are more laid back and relaxed, with guests chilling and soaking up the atmosphere, and catching up with one another. The moments we'll capture all depend on your unique day.

      Depending on when the first dance is scheduled in your day, on average we stay for two or three songs after the first dance. We let you select your coverage start and end time based on the amount of coverage you book. So the best thing to do is fit the most important things that you'd like photographed into that time.

      If you only need shorter coverage then opt for our package that includes anything up to six hours of continual coverage. Just decide when you'd like us to start taking photos from.

      We can't always accommodate super short coverage, but you don't know until you ask. Drop us a message outlining what you'd like, and even if we can't help you ourselves, we can probably put you in touch with other photographers who can.
    • How many photos can we expect to receive, and when will we recieve them?
      Depending on the coverage package selected you can easily expect to receive a minimum of between somewhere 400-700 processed images of your wedding day. All individually edited with our unique style in a mixture of colour and classic black and white. No batch editing here, Phil goes through every single photo individually. He’s stuck to his desk for quite some time, but it’s worth it.

      We create a preview blog post after your wedding, and then send you a preview gallery too. Both contain a highlights selection from your day for you to enjoy whilst Phil's working away on the rest of you photos. This way you don't have to wait long before you have a handful of photos to enjoy and share.

      When you receive your full gallery partly depends on at which point in the wedding season your wedding day is. The further into the season then more jam packed Phil's editing schedule is. On average you can expect to receive you final gallery somewhere between six to eight weeks after you wedding. Nearer the start of the season it can sometimes be just four to six weeks instead.
    • Can we give you a list of photos we want?
      We’d be very surprised if you haven’t already realised that our approach is mostly documentary in stye, with candid images being our forte. We like it when the people who view your photos feel they were actually there on the day, watching the fun unfold. We do our best to avoid asking people to do anything specific for us whilst we're photographing them, and we try to steer clear of manufactured and staged images, where we'd be recreating someone else's wedding photos, instead of capturing the uniqueness of your day.

      We try to always fit in a mini portrait shoot with just you and your partner if that's something you'd like. These are a little different to the candid images, but give you the opportunity to have some photos just the two of you, away from your guests.

      If you’ve reached this page of our website then the chances are that you love our photography style and trust our judgement, so there wouldn't be a need to instruct us on the specifics of what to take. It's helpful to know who and what is most important to you, and if you have specific ideas in mind we're happy to try them out together. For any ideas you want to try, just allow some extra time in your schedule to fit them in, and ensure you remind us during the day, as we'll be concentrating on what we do best, and on what's going on at the time.

      Some ideas will work, and others will not, so it's important to have realistic exceptions of your schedule, your venue, friends and family, and the available light. If you do have an enormous list of 'must haves', then it’s possibly a sign that we’re not the right fit on the coverage and style you're after for your wedding day. Good wedding photographers have their own personal style, and they will capture your wedding in that particular way for you.
    • Will you take photos of all our guests on the day?
      Type a description for the list item here
      As our style is mostly candid, we spend a considerate amount of time capturing your guests unposed, whilst they enjoy and celebrate your wedding day with you. This gives us a good opportunity to capture lots of your guests throughout the day. We are unable to guarantee a photograph of every single guest that attends, though. This is less about the number of guests that you invite, and more about how we often find that some guests just don't want to be photographed. We can tell when we look down our lenses, they either hide their face or give us ‘evils’. Some people can very self-conscious, and we wouldn't want any of your friends and family to feel awkward or uncomfortable due to us capturing photos of them.

      That said, if we can tell that someone isn't keen on having their photo taken, we will do my best to try and get a candid shot of them whilst they aren't paying attention. We want all your guests to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day, so we do my best to help facilitate that.

      It's always a good idea to point out to us those members of your family or specific friends who are particularly special to you, that way we can try to capture more of those individuals for you.

      We're also happy for guests to request photos throughout the day, if they'd like us to capture them with particular friends and family. One of the great things about weddings is how it brings lots of people together who may not have seen each other for a while. It's a brilliant opportunity for people to have some photos with others that they many not often get the chance to. Afterwards all your guests can download their high resolution photos from the wedding gallery completely free!
    • Do you take lined up family group photos?
      If that's something you'd like to fit in on the day, then yes we do.

      From experience we've learnt that it's best to keep these to a prioritised minimum. If you would like some, we send you a link to an online form so that you can sit down, decide on which groups you'd like, and then send that list to us.

      We've found fitting in around five to eight shots tends to be a figure that doesn't take too long, and get's you back to the celebrations quicker. More than this can have you feeling like you're standing in a line up all day. Plus it eats into the time you could be having fun with your guests.

      We usually ask you to pick a guest with a relatively loud voice who can round up the friends and family you'd like in the photos. It helps speed the whole process up, as we can take the photos whilst the next group is getting ready.
    • Can we have a chat before booking?
      Yes! If you’d like to meet us prior to booking, you can either meet us at any wedding fairs we exhibit at, just ask and we'll let you know when and where. Or we can have an informal chat via Skype/FaceTime. Just let us know and we can schedule a talk.
    • How do we book your services for our wedding day?
      Sounds like you may have decided to book us, YAY! Firstly get in touch via our contact form to enquire about our availability for your chosen day and venue. Hopefully we'll still be available and able to photograph your awesome day for you.

      We then send you a brief form to collect all the details we need for your booking. The booking info form that will ask you for your chosen coverage package, yours and your partner’s full names, address, a contact phone number, your wedding date and ceremony time, as well as the address of your chosen venue/s, including addresses for both preps and wedding reception if they are at differing venues to your ceremony.

      We'll then send you an electronic booking document with the details of your day to sign, which includes details on how to pay the booking fee.

      To secure your date we require the booking fee, then the remaining balance is then due approximately thirty days prior to your wedding day. Sorry but we can’t hold dates until we have received your booking fee.
    • What timeline can we expect once we book?
      Here's a simplified timeline of how things work, and when you can expect certain elements of our service to happen.

      Now - Booking fee paid, your date is secure on our calendar.

      Next - Book a mutually convenient date for your meet up and chat with us, as well as your pre-wedding shoot practice. This can be anything between twelve months to three months before your wedding date. We've written a bit more about pre-wedding shoots in our guide here.

      Six months to three months before - We meet up for a chat, get to know each other a little more, and have some fun practising in front of the camera.

      Six weeks before - Now we're closer to the big day itself, we'll send you an online form to provide us with a few specifics about your finalised plans.

      Four weeks before - Time to pay your final balance. If in the planning process you decided to add on any extra, we'll include these for you in this balance.

      Wedding day - We make the magic happy! You get hitched, we take lots of photos, and we all have some fun along the way.

      One/two weeks later - Around a week or two after your wedding day we'll post a sneak peak blog post on our website for you.

      Two/ three weeks later - Around two or three weeks afterwards we'll send you your preview gallery so that you can download some of your preview photos in both high resolution and web friendly sizes.

      Six to eight weeks later - Time to relive your wedding day all over again! We update your online gallery with your full set of photos.

      Within three months - If you've chosen to add one of our handmade Folio Albums with our bespoke design service, we'll need you album choices, photo selection.

      Within six months - Sign off of your album design via online proofing. Folio albums hand make your album. Your super swanky wedding album is delivered to your door!

      Timings can vary a little depending on what time of year your wedding takes place. With weddings between January and April timings can sometimes be even quicker.
    • Do you cover our area?
      We are based in Wolverhampton in the Midlands, and also cover most of Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire. We are able to travel further afield for weddings, especially if they sound extra exciting!

      We'll most likely need to add a small additional fee for travel and accommodation. Don’t panic - we’re thinking a Premiere Inn rather than The Ritz! Just ask via our contact form and we’ll let you know.
    • Do we need to supply food on the day?
      No. We’re aware that costs you money, and so we are happy to bring our own packed lunches.

      Occasionally couples insist, so if that's the case all you need to know id Phil is vegetarian and Toby eats pretty much anything.

      We'd appreciate it if you can ensure that your venue are happy to supply some drinks to keep us hydrated throughout the day. Water is fine!
    • Do we need to order albums and printed products at the time of booking?
      We include a wedding album as part of one of our coverage packages, but photo books and lots of other products can also be ordered separately after your wedding day. Many couples like to purchase these with money gifted to them.

      Guest books can be ordered at the time of booking or after your pre-wedding shoot. Please ensure you order your guest book with plenty of time for it to be designed, printed, and delivered before your wedding day.
    • Do we meet up before our wedding day?
      Yes, we do. It’s important to have the opportunity to go through your plans for your day, and where possible plan ahead, so that we can help you ensure everything goes as smoothly as it should. Phil handles all the pre-wedding shoots and we have the pre-wedding ‘consultation’ on the same day as your free engagement/ pre-wedding shoot, as it’s easy to discuss everything as we're together on the shoot.

      If you’re having a church wedding we strongly advise that we head to the church and meet up with a church representative during our pre-wedding meet up. In our experience most churches have a very strict set of guidelines that photographers have to adhere to. Many couples don’t realise this when they book their ceremony, so discussing your options with a church representative before your wedding day means everyone understands what the church allows, and we can adapt plans accordingly.

      If you’re not having a church ceremony, then we sometimes try to plan engagement/ pre-wedding shoots at your venue, but if they can't accommodate us then we can meet elsewhere.

      If we do meet at your venue part of the pre-wedding ‘consultation’ can involve us visiting the ceremony room and reception rooms, as well as practice shots on the venue's grounds. It also helps us to ensure we can select the best angles and spots to shoot from on your wedding day. However if we’ve photographed your chosen venue before then there’s much less need for us to meet there, and we can always choose a convenient location elsewhere.

      We've written a bit more about pre-wedding shoots in our guide here.

      Pre-wedding shoots are organised for us to meet up on a weekday, as our weekends are almost always booked up with wedding shoots, or we try to slot in rare weekends off to visit with family and friends. We can book your pre-wedding shoot as far in advance as you'd like, to help you with organising the date around family and work commitments.

      Another reason week day shoots are best is due to the fact that venues are a lot less likely to have a wedding booked on a week day, and so are much more likely to able to accommodate our visit, and photography practice on their grounds. If we book the pre-wedding shoot in advance, usually after the booking fee is paid, it can help tto make sure the venue can accommodate us and you have time to organise a convenient weekday for it to take place on.
    • Can we see an example of a full wedding shoot?
      If you'd like to see an complete wedding gallery from start to finish please get in touch and let us know. We can organise sending you a link to a finished shoot for you to look through.
    • Will you blog our wedding and share photos of us online?
      Type a description for the list item here
      Our wedding previews come in the form of a blog post on our website. This is to make it as easy as possible for you to see a selection quickly, and make it simple to share with your friends and family.

      The chances are extremely strong that you're considering booking us because you've looked at lots of great photos from our previous photoshoots. In our line of work it would literally be impossible to attract new clients without being able to show the work we have created for previous clients.

      We totally get that weddings are personal events, in fact we're of the opinion that they should be as personal and unique as possible. Rest assured that we'll always do our best to select photos that show you in the best possible light when choosing the images we share on our website and social media pages.

      If there are sensitive reasons why you may need extra privacy with any online photos, then just make sure that you let us know before booking so we can have a chat about options.

      If any of your wedding suppliers would like to use photos to promote their services, please pass them our contact details, and tell them to contact us directly. Please don't pass them on directly, that way we can supply them with various images, at the same time as letting them know the crediting rules they have to follow when using photos for free.
    • Do you have public liability insurance and indemnity?
      Yes, as every professional photographer should be, we are covered with both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
    • What happens if you're ill on the day?
      As we work as a photographer duo the likelihood of us both being seriously ill on the same day is extremely low. We’re both pretty fit, and no little sniffle is going to keep us away! Of course, nobody could give a 100% guarantee that they won't be affected at some point in their career from illness, however we give you our full assurances that only a very serious illness or other exceptionally serious circumstances would cause us to be able to attend your wedding.

      If one of us is unable to attend your wedding day for any reason we have an awesome network of photographers who we can contact to assist with coverage.
    • What is your 'license of use' and do we own the copyright?
      Every shoot comes with an implicit 'licence of use' that lets you print your images, give copies to family and friends, and share online; all for non-profit purposes.

      If any of your wedding suppliers get in touch requesting the use of some of your photos for self promotion, please make sure you send them our way, don't pass them directly on. We’re always happy to help them out, there are just some guidelines they’d need to follow when using the images.

      The Dignums retains the copyright to all photos, this is standard in the photography world. This simply means that your licence does not include permission to sell, modify, use photos for business purposes, or enter the photos into any competitions without our prior consent. Basically don't go selling your photos to OK magazine.

      If you'd like to use photos outside the remit of your 'licence of use' just get in touch. We're easy going guys and are happy to help out where we can. Give us a heads up and we can have a chat.

      Our full terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy can be found here and here.
    • Can you recommend any other awesome wedding suppliers?
      We've worked with lots of talented wedding suppliers, so if you're struggling to track down someone or something you need for your big day get in touch. We'll do our best to help you out and put you in touch with a supplier who may be able to help you out.

      On a similar note, even if we're already booked on your date, we have a network of great photographers that we can contact to see who are still available and send you their details. It takes a little of the leg work out of finding available photographers for you. We're here to help, even if we can't photograph your wedding for you. We're nice like that 😊
    • Are we alone in the universe?
      We like to think not, and we both love a good sci-fi movie, so we're going to take a gamble and say "the truth is out there"👽
    • I have another question that's not answered here.
      If you have another question that's not answered here or elsewhere on our website, just drop us a message. We're happy to help and we'll try and get back to you as quickly as possible. We may even be able to add your question to the list above.

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