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Digital photos are great, and with us everyone gets those for free, including all your family and friends. But let's be honest, sitting down with a mug of tea, or a gin and tonic, and leafing through the pages of memories can fill you with the feels in a pretty special way. It’s something that you just don’t get with looking at photos on social media or websites. Wall art and framed photos are a great opportunity to make the most of a favourite photo, it is there every day, in your home to enjoy, reminding you of a special day or moment. Our Real Things also make great gifts, for or from loved ones.

Top of the list of great ways to reminisce has to be a hand crafted 'Folio Albums' wedding photo album.

Clean and simple lines for beautiful presentation. Folio Albums wedding books are hand-bound using high quality leather in a choice of colours, their Fine Art Books are pretty darn special.

First you select your favourite photos direct from your online wedding gallery. Phil then heads to his desk and spends time creating a bespoke design, specifically tailored to suit your selection of photos.

You get to view an online version of your design to approve before your album is sent to print. Alternatively we also offer the ability for you to design your own layouts if you feel that's something you'd enjoy doing.

Images are printed directly on to the page using the finest quality papers and inks. Each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your your photos can be displayed across two pages. The cover of your album will be de-bossed with text of your choice.
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Folio wedding albums
Folio albums are beautifully and ethically handcrafted. The leather-bound 12”x12", 10"x10" or 8”x8" Fine Art Books are an pretty awesome way to present and share all those brilliant memories. There's a choice of cover colours and they contain fifteen spreads (thirty sides).

Album prices including bespoke design service start from £670

We also offer the option to add a 6”x6” mini duplicate bundle. These are direct copies of the larger albums’ photo content, with leather covers. You receive two in the pack, which makes them great gifts for family and friends.

Mini Leather Duplicate Two Album Bundle: £350

You can take a look at all the various album choices and options here.
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Fancy designing your album yourself?

D.I.Y Lay Flat Books & Fine Art Albums

If you'd like to design your own album, we offer a selection of photo books directly from your online gallery. You design and order your album without even leaving your gallery!

We offer a range of D.I.Y lay flat books and fine art albums starting from £200

Want even more awesome photo stuff?

Wedding Signing Books

Our digitally printed hardcover wedding guest books are a great way to help collect lots of anecdotes, and heckles on your wedding day!

We fill the book with great photos taken during your pre-wedding shoot, and we allow lots of space and extra pages for your guests to leave their messages to you both. It will be there for you to enjoy and look back on. Filled with personal notes, well-wishes, and no doubt some random drunken doodles from family and friends who shared your day with you.

Wedding Guest Book: £95

On top of all that your online gallery will let you order prints, frames and canvases, calendars, thank you cards and tonnes more great stuff directly from the gallery itself.

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